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Our love affair – guns, violence and war!

It is so very sad that we once again see another massacre somewhere in the world by an armed gunman shooting, killing and maiming innocent people; with this closely followed by yet another shooting on the day of mourning of … Continue reading

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Aust Govt signs away 36 million in school funding for Sri Lanka!!!

Can you believe it. Australians were just told that their education levels in Australia have fallen, but instead of spending more on our school system, they are spending it on Sri Lankan schools! $34m to Sri Lanka for school funding! … Continue reading

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CO2 – Good for us???

I had to write to my local paper (I write from time to time in response to stupid letters) about the continued idiotic┬ádenialists claims that either global warming isn’t occurring or that CO2 is now good for us – their … Continue reading

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