CO2 – Good for us???

I had to write to my local paper (I write from time to time in response to stupid letters) about the continued idiotic denialists claims that either global warming isn’t occurring or that CO2 is now good for us – their latest claims.

This particular newspaper is rather pathetic in my opinion, providing little real news as such, but opinions by the editor, and lots of advertisements by businesses. The newspaper is the TWT – The Weekly Times –

In last weeks letters there were two regular letter writers, apparently denialists, try to claim that CO2 is now good for us, quoting various rubbish in order to verify their opinions. They seem to have moved on from claiming that Global Warming isn’t happening! Now accepting that there is increasing CO2 levels – but that this is actually good for the environment and our health.

Anyway I have to copy my letter below, because it makes me laugh. I am not sure if it will be published, but it is still funny. I hope it will be published!!! 🙂


Dear Editor,

I had to laugh at the amusing attempts by last week’s contributing authors trying to claim that CO2 is good for us (TWT Dec/12). Amusingly it would seem that some denialists have moved on from denying that global warming is not real, and have now decided to claim that CO2 is good for us at increased levels! Ha ha ha…

Not only did they cherry pick paragraphs from scientist’s papers, removing them from context and misrepresenting them, but one even tried to claim that articles written by “A School of Christian Apologetics” was actually factual and scientific. Good grief!

When one reads scientific literature, it is the practiced norm to reference those authors, state the conclusion and bring in other comments from other scientists to propose a new or alternate “theory”. After the theory has been “tested”, multiple times, and by other scientists, then it “could” be suggested as true. However, this would still be open to further testing and further theories – this is how science works.

What these letter writers (and most other denialists) have done, is misquote, misrepresent, and try to deceive readers by cherry picking paragraphs trying to prove their own opinions as fact – something, thankfully, idiot radio shock jock Alan Jones was recently fined and punished for.

Perhaps they should stop reading ridiculous fringe Christian rubbish, stop listening to Alan Jones et al and start reading scientific journals as published by NASA, CSIRO, Australasian Science, Nature etc. Just search Google Scholar for goodness sakes!!!

The problem with denialists the world over, is that they appear to cling onto their opinions due to self interest, rather than expand their knowledge and learn. It would be nice if they could develop the ability to scientifically analyse the facts, rather than cling to idiotic opinionated claims and then try to prove them as facts by misquoting and misrepresenting other scientific literature, or by using other idiotic internet rubbish.

Open your mind and learn! Subscribe to CSIRO via email, it’s free!!! Or of course you [can] stay as you are – naive and ignorant.



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I consider myself a thinker and I like to discuss everything in life with those around me. Mostly I am serious, sometimes I am funny, and occasionally I am rude. I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and say what I feel, or think! It is important to me to be honest about how I feel and why! I detest pretense, big egos and self importance. I believe that I am no more important than you, and similarly that you are no more important than me! [apparently I should reflect on this more often] This blog is a way of engaging people in different aspects of life; its goal is to present a different view of life and contribute to a broadening of our awareness. While this blog is essentially my opinion, I also understand that there are other opinions out there. Though I encourage discussion, I may “delete” comments that I find are unhelpful, argumentative, or offensive towards myself or another person. Often I write about politics – apparently that is an interest of mine – but I also like to write about other more personal things that affect us in our day to day lives. Along with this blog, I also write to politicians and newspapers; I often present a commentary on my blog about following comments or decisions. That way everyone understands what they have said – and sometimes of course how big a buffoon they are:) Please feel free to comment on my posts, as I would like to hear what you have to say. After all…. Your opinion is just as valid as mine!
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