Reduction in gun controls in Australia – Is that what we want?

Police display rifle surrendered to police during gun amnesty in South Australia, 17 September 2012

I was listening to a podcast this morning from the ABC on gun control in Australia. I was horrified to hear that some in Australia are calling for a relaxing of controls for the owning of guns. This is most prominent in NSW and Queensland.

One of the proponents for the relaxing of gun controls in Queensland is Bob Katter and his Australia Party. Apparently he was also an opponent to Howard’s gun control laws in the 90s, believing that they went too far.

Now that gun deaths are lower than they have been in decades, some in parliament and the public, are pushing for, presumably, easier gun ownership.

Having just seen mass shootings around the world, the most recent in the US, where school children were murdered, it is unbelievable that there is a push for easier gun ownership in Australia.

It isn’t unsurprising in NSW though. In NSW parliament we have two sitting members (Members of the Legislative Council – MLC) from the Shooters and Fishers party. This party did a deal with the Liberals that would allow shooters into National Parks, in order for the Liberals to sell off the remaining electricity assets. The previous Labor Government had let shooters into State Forrests.

Now from this year (Jan 2013), we will have red necks roaming some of our National Parks killing whatever moves – supposedly only feral animals, but it would be interesting to do a tally of natives shot as a result of red neck hunting.

If we look at Katter’s party, we can see some of his ideology when you read his info. For instance he wants:

[Katter’s] policy would relax some laws around gun ownership, paving the way for the:

  • Re-establishment of a duck hunting season in Queensland.
  • A wild venison industry.
  • The export of wild game products.
  • Simplification of administration of gun laws, saving an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 policing hours.
  • Re-categorisation of Category C firearms to allow access by sporting shooters (semi-auto .22s, low capacity pump shotguns, low capacity semi-auto shotguns).
  • Scrapping of registration requirements for low powered air rifles and BB guns.

From the pod cast that I have linked to above, Katter is said to have stated

“The gun ban has had a monument ill effect on Australia’s youth. I don’t want to say that there is a relationship, but a boy is programmed to be a boy, and if you stop them from being a boy, well there’s going to be a very very serious downside to that, and Katter’s Australia party will return to boys the right to be boys in this country. We’ll give them back hunting, fishing, shooting and male school teachers.”

I feel that this quote demonstrates the level of intellect of this man. Give men more guns to go out and kill to be a MAN. Good grief, what era is he from, the neolithic era? Does he want us to drag our wife around by the hair too, like all good cave men?

Robert Borsak MLC from the Shooters and Fishers Party website proudly states that

“Roy’s work would continue, especially negotiating further sensible changes to the firearms legislation “that unreasonably restrict legitimate gun-owners, while doing nothing to enhance public safety.” [Roy Smith was former MLC for the Shooters and Fishers Party]

Robert Brown MLC from the Shooters and Fishers Party website states that

“All shooters have had a disproportionate measure of regulation and legislation shoved down their throats since the early 1990s. Most of it is bad legislation and over-regulation.”

I would have thought that taking lots of guns off the street and reducing gun death wasn’t “bad legislation and over-regulation”, but good policy that has saved lives.

He goes on to say

“For too long the fishers – like shooters before them – ignored the insidious advance of animal rights extremist ideology into the political spectrum. But no more.”

Now we start to hear the real guts behind the Shooters and Fishers Party. Apparently those who want to protect the environment by protecting the animals that live in it, are animal rights extremists!!! Good grief.

Jim Muirhead, another Shooters and Fishers party member commenting on their website states:

“The Howard ascendancy got him worked up into active gun politics. I was over it when Howard took my guns – a Remington 1187 Premier semi-auto shotgun and a semi-auto .22 Sterling. The police took them to Shepparton and I watched them get squashed. That really hurt.”

He goes on to say that

[he] “was one of the organisers against the river red gum environment alliance, trying to stop the extreme Greens and the government from excluding hunters and fishers from these areas. Now it’s a national park…”

“My aim is to fight for access to our national parks. Let’s utilise them and not have them locked up… We must be able to use our country. It’s ours, end of story.”

In another section of their website they proudly quote the following:

“Analysis of available data by Gavin Greaves, the Country Alliance candidate for Warrandyte in Victoria, indicates New Zealanders own far more firearms than Australians, at 22.5 guns per 100 people compared with 15 per 100 here.”

“Yet while the Australian figures show 11.5% of homicides are by firearm, in NZ the figure is barely higher at 13.5%.”

They almost seem proud that there is 11.5% of killings by firearms. I might point out that if there were NO guns, there would be almost 0% of killings by firearms. This point seems to escape these imbeciles. I guess it is so important to the Shooters and Fishers Party that they have their guns, that they are happy about the 11.5% sacrificed so that they can keep their guns. Typical redneck ratbags.

If you do a search on youtube you can view the sorts of things that gun owners, who vote for the Shooters and Fishers Party, use their guns for. You can also see the other sorts of blood sports that some of these gun owners find “fun”. Do a search for “pig dogging” and you will see the lowest of blood sports that perhaps seem the norm within the hunting fraternity. Hunting is a blood sport; it is a killing sport – and they call this “fun”!!!

It is a perverted mind that enjoys killing for fun, feeling the dying heartbeat, the hot blood running over their hands while they proudly hold the head of the dying animal in their arms as a trophy of how skilful they were.

I would suggest that we take their guns off them and show them how real hunters do it – give them spears, and see how they go then.

It is no wonder why extremists and gun owning rednecks are drawn to parties like this, with comments so “out there” as the comments seen on their website from party leaders.

With people like these in parliament, is it any wonder that there is a call to reduce restrictions on gun ownership? Can you imagine how it will be if we do relax gun ownership? We are likely to have more rednecks running around our National Parks, which are enjoyed by families, with guns killing everything that moves. (As of January this year, 2013, Rednecks will be running around some of our National Parks with their guns hot and ready, shooting what ferals they can, and perhaps whatever, or whoever, gets in their way.)

If you do a simple search on, you will find that there are ample examples of the ratbags that are out there with their guns; shooting and killing whatever they like (almost).

No doubt these rednecks would suggest that because I want to protect the public by restricting gun ownership and increasing regulation, that I am a “greeny extremist” too. I would have thought that the killings that have just occurred in the US would have been a clear example of what happens when some people get control of guns.

If more relaxed controls occur for gun owners, are we going to see road rage incidents turn into shootings, because some loony gun owner loses it?

I found this on another website that is indicative of the personality of some gun owners. This was in response to the Shooters and Fishers Party elected into NSW Parliament.

    • From – [clearly a redneck’s website]
    • With this extra power, they intend to get more of their policies past through. These include:
    • National Parks being open for hunting of all feral animals including deer, pigs, goats, foxes, wild dogs and cats.
    • Kangaroos hunted on private land will be able to be utilised when hunted under permits and the skin and meat can be kept rather than left to rot under the current system. These permits will be available to any licenced hunter.
    • They will put forward to change catergory C firearms licence to be included in B licence and Expand the use of high caliber pistols.
    • Shooting age reduced from 12 to 10 years of age.
    • Permits to acquire to be available on demand, not the 3 – 4 week wait.
    • Paintball age reduced from 16 to 12 years.
    • Shop good fireworks to be available in regional areas.

Is this the sort of thing that the general public actually want? Greater access to guns, a reduction in the shooting age to 10 years old – even 12 years old is way too low for God’s sake. Pretend hunting of other humans with paintball for even younger children? Aren’t violent computer games bad enough – this is even more real!!! A change in category for some semi-automatic weapons – that can kill more easily and quickly?

Semi-automatic weapons I believe have been involved in all major massacres. Is this what we want? Regardless of whether it is a .22 or a higher calibre, semi-automatic weapons just allow for faster killing!

Anyway I have side-tracked from my original point, in Australia some very powerful people are trying to relax gun ownership and reduce red tape, which ultimately will lead to more deaths from guns. But hopefully I have demonstrated some of the thoughts that the gun lobby have in their heads.



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