Can Telstra fix faults on their network?

I have to share a funny situation with you.

Around 3 months ago we had a storm that blew a piece of metal ducting off the power pole outside our house. The metal ducting was around 1.2m long and quite capable of causing someone personal damage. Not only this, now that the cables are no longer covered, in the wind there is the potential for damage to be done to the cables that are on the pole for customers telephones.

Anyway, I immediately phoned them to report it. Of course I spoke to someone in Malasia, Singapore or India. I struggled to understand them as do many people, but I eventually got the message across and was told that someone from Telstra would come to fix the problem in the next 24 hours. I was just told to secure the piece to the power pole with string and wait, and wait, and wait….. Of course the service person didn’t appear. 3 months later….

Anyway, a few days ago, the string broke that I used to tie the piece of metal to the power pole.

From here it becomes very amusing.

Unfortunately, but amusingly, it is now council cleanup time, where we can place rubbish on the nature strip to be collected by council, and someone has just come and taken the metal ducting off the naturestrip!!!

So much for the 24 hour repair period. Not only were they incompetent and unable to respond to their fault, now three months on, the part is now GONE, assumedly to the scrap yard.

Great service Telstra. When the cables fall off the pole, and our’s and others’ telephone cables fall to the ground, I will be sure to point out that if you had fixed the problem when I pointed it out – 3 months ago – your potential future major fault wouldn’t have occurred.

Anyway today I thought I would try again to make a comment about that fault on Telstra’s facebook page to see if it was faster than their telephone fault reporting service. It wasn’t in some ways, but I did get a response, call the fault line.

Phoning the fault line would of course cost ME further money, which I wasn’t prepared to fork out again just to help them!!! You see, I am not a customer of theirs, but our cables pass through their network.

Anyway, now that the NBN (National Broadband Network) is on its way, neither Telstra nor Optus have done any maintenance on their current systems for the past three years, as reported by media. Perhaps this is why they weren’t particularly worried about repairing this fault. Wait until it breaks, and if the NBN isn’t here yet, repair it. If the NBN is here, don’t worry mate!

Congratulations on such FABULOUS work Telstra!

In response to my contacting the Facebook page, Telstra did respond, but as mentioned above, with the same old comment that I should phone the call centre. Unfortunately that number is not free to me as I am NOT a Telstra customer, just a community member wishing to help Telstra and save them money and further problems. But even THAT results in a brick wall.


Interestingly there were two other people who replied to my facebook post on Telstra’s facebook page. They were not employed by Telstra, yet were more helpful in solving my dilemma in trying to help Telstra.

Well done Telstra. When a community member tries to protect the public, and help you, not only does the community member have to pay out of their own pocket to help you, but you are also unwilling to make the effort to call ME to try to solve YOUR problem.


No wonder your share price is stagnant.

So why did I bother? I was trying to do the right thing. But it was fun seeing how effective their customer service was[n’t] Smile!, and others deserve to know how inept they are.

Bye for now,


What are your thoughts?

Poll coming tomorrow! The one I just tried didn’t work 🙂


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