If Abbott wins: ruthless cuts?

I was reading this article on the ABC today:

And was alarmed enough to decide to comment on it. I know that the guy who wrote it is obviously a strong Labor supporter, being a Labor party think tank, and that we perhaps can’t necessarily believe his statements in their entirety.

However, having seen what has happened in the past with current and past Liberal Governments, I would not put it past them to slash and burn.

Here’s a particular quote that sums up the entire argument:

“the Institute for Public Affairs, a think tank based in Melbourne which is well-funded by corporate donations and therefore not requiring extra assistance.

But I think it would be doing Australians a disservice if they were denied a proper airing and discussion of something which was sneaked into the Weekend Australian to impress the elites and escape everyone else’s attention. Because with budget sustainability shaping as a key dividing line in the election due in six months from last Thursday, people deserve to know what the Coalition would have in store.

Saturday’s story (paywalled) was based on this paper by the IPA’s Alan Moran which was published on Catallaxy Files, and told us that the Institute was recommending to Canberra $23.5 billion in cuts. These include cancelling the first stage of the National Disability Insurance Scheme; abolishing Fair Work and Safe Work Australia; almost halving the general research budget; cancelling all Commonwealth housing programs; eliminating foreign aid and the Human Rights Commission; slashing 23,500 public service jobs; abolishing agriculture, forestry and fisheries programs; and privatising the ABC and SBS.”

It would seem to me, that once again it is about short term gain, rather than long term presperity. Taking an axe to the disability insurance scheme is short term foolishness, as it increases long term costs.

The ABC and SBS are at present essentially independent and unbiased, impacting on this would once again place the media at the hands of the rich corporate world, which isn’t interested in impartiality or unbiased reporting.

Slashing 23,000 public servants. Good grief. Less services, more difficult access to services, and increased costs in the long run if services are privatised. The only people we need to get rid of, are the ratbag politicians with their idiot ideas for short term gains.

Abolishing Fair Work and Safe Work Australia, is only going to result in a more harsh and difficult working environment. Work Choices returns…

Halving the general research budget is idiotic. We have lost almost all of our manufacturing jobs, from what was once 40%. I believe we are not down to 6%. If we reduce or research budget, we are effectively planning to rely on mining for the next two or more decades. Perhaps we should be called the “dumb lucky country”. Instead of the “clever country”. We are effectively dumbing down the Australian market, which can’t be good in the long run. If we want to be a world leader in any particular field, it takes financial investment, which is all but lacking in recent years. We are one of the few countries in the last decade or so, that has actually reduced funding for education – Howard started it, Labor continues it.

Cancelling all Commonwealth housing programs; more people on the street. But I guess they don’t exist to the Liberals anyway, nor do single mothers or welfare recipients that can’t get work.

If Abbott does get in, are we actually going to head down that road? Or is this just an imagination of the Laborites? I guess we will have to wait and see.



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