Goulburn Valley growers in ‘dire straits’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I read this article this morning regarding the situation with our farmers in the Goulburn Valley – It was on the ABC News website below.

Goulburn Valley growers in ‘dire straits’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

It is not surprising that this has happened. SPC Ardmona is owned by the global giant Coca Cola Amatil. It doesn’t give a stuff about Australia, but only profits. Many of these poor farmers have just planted new fruit trees, and these will now be wasted with the farmers going bankrupt.

According to reports, farmers accros Australia are struggling under record debts, with little way to repay them. Farmers keep asking for Government support, but it doesn’t come without strings attached – if at all.

What these farmers don’t understand, is that government has caused this situation by chasing their ideological goals. Globalisation and free trade agreements don’t work when you are competing with the likes of China, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc… We also have country subsidised fruit coming from other countries such as the US.

The Liberal party, Labor party and the Nationals continue to erode “Our” Australia with their policies and ideology driven agenda.

This latest list of companies to assassinate our farmers livelihoods is just one of a long list of foreign owned companies screwing Australian workers and suppliers.

IT HAS TO STOP!!! Only if we stop voting for these arse-hole parties will we actually move forwards in this country! We are currently moving backwards because of their policies.

When will we learn?

FARMERS: The National Party doesn’t care about you! STOP VOTING FOR THEM!!! When will you learn. They are essentially part of the Liberal party and share their agenda!!! For God’s sake, wake up to yourselves!

We need to boycott Coca Cola Amatil, until they start to care about Australia (or we piss them off out of Australia – the best option). We need more farmer’s Co-ops and farmers you need to stop supplying these ruthless foreign companies. They don’t give a stuff about Australia, just the $$$.

We need TARIFFS that support Australian companies, not foreign companies. Tax the foreign companies more I say!!!

How about a Facebook campaign against Coca Cola Amatil NOW to save our farmers!!!

Well that is my rant for this morning.

Bye for now,

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