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Good morning readers,

I was writing to the local paper last night, about the working life of the REAL Australia. You see we are in the middle of an election campaign in Australia, and the Liberals (the equivalent of the Torries or the Tea Party) want to again wind back workers rights.

They did this a few years ago when they were in government, with what they called “Work Choices”. There were actually NO work choices as such, because it essentially placed more power into the hands of the employer, and removed specific rights for workers. It also made it more likely that the employer would force you to sign an individual contract, cutting wages and conditions, or ask you to leave.

Well the Liberals are at it again, with the suggestion that workers now have too much power, and the workplace laws now favour workers, not employers.

As a result of this, I thought I would write to the local paper with my story, about the employer I work for and the ruthlessness in which it acts. This is the REAL Australia that we live in now, not the artificial world that the Liberals think we live in.

So as mentioned above, Tony Abbott’s comments in the media so far, has suggested that workplace laws have gone too far towards the benefit of employees, and that the balance needs to be returned towards fairness for the employer.

The reality is of course quite the opposite.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot provide any links to referenced documents or reports about the company that I work for – even though they are available. This would provide details about the company that I work for, and potentially open the way for difficulties for me with my employer – potentially legal ones. So unfortunately I have to be a little vague about who my employer actually is!

I work in one of Australia’s very large companies; highly subsidised by Medicare and very profitable (Medicare is the Australian health system for assisting families to afford basic medical care).

I am paid just slightly more than the minimum wage and have a significant amount of responsibility for the health and well-being of patients.

I currently get paid less than someone working for Aldi! (a supermarket chain in Australia)

A recent advert for Aldi, suggested that they were offering $22.30 per hour. I currently earn approximately $19.70.

The company that I work for appears not to have negotiated fairly towards a new EBA (Enterprise Agreement – a collective agreement that workers/unions negotiate with the employer for wages and conditions) – for the last seven or eight years. The last one was rolled over because they were allegedly using dirty tricks to drive employees out of conditions and wage increases.

I understand that staff have not had a pay rise, other than the “Fair Pay” mandated ones (inflation related) that all Australian’s received, since the previous EBA expired; around eight years ago!

I believe that this company just gave hundreds of millions of dollars to charity, in order to promote itself as a kind and caring company, yet earlier made many staff redundant. Even though they seem to have employed more staff only months later; the ones I’ve seen are younger staff likely on lower wages!

I understand that there were/are many outsourced jobs within this company – to India! This helps increase profits for the owners (so they can buy their race horses), and increases dividends to shareholders. Such is the nature of Australia today!

The staff morale in this company is very low. Staff appear to be resigned to the fact that they are going to continue to be screwed by their employer. Some staff have said that they will keep the car running – in other words, they feel no job security and worry about future redundancies.

Staff no loner seem to care about quality within this company; they continue to get pushed by the employer to do more for less.

This is the Australian way these days, staff being forced to do more for less, with the result that many employees no longer seem to care – certainly not in this company at least!

I ask you this, is this the sort of health care that you want for your family? Because this is how it appears to be within this company at least – simply because this company appears to focus more on profits, than the care of patients. From my experience, they certainly appear to have very little care for their staff!

My final comment to our Liberal and Labor political representatives are this:

Dear Liberal and Labor representatives, this is the REAL state of Australian workplaces today, not the fantasy land that the corporations suggest to you through their well-funded lobby groups. Companies still have ALL of the power, and employees have essentially none!

And while Mr Abbott suggests that he feels that work place laws have tipped into the favour of the employee and needs to be returned back to the employer, I think that the real truth is something else.

The fact that one of his favourite friends (and Liberal party donor) Ms Rinehart (Australia’s richest woman), lovingly whispers in his ear at a policy presentation, it would seem to show that this is really where his alliances lie.

Gina Rinehart whispers to Abbott

Tony Abbott’s favourite woman

So Liberal and Labor, when you climb down out of your ivory tower, please have a chat to your local employee, and see how it is in the REAL Australia! The real Australia that you wish to promote, that drives workers into oblivion!

That’s it for now,


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