Inequitable Rubbish

I thought that this article was particularly poignant, and critically looks at the inequitable policy of the Liberal’s on Paid Parental Leave. While I understand that it is both good and bad, because poorer women get less than richer women, it is highly inequitable. Particularly when poorer women are more needy than richer women.

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BugabooStrollerAbbott has finally produced a policy announcement about his ‘signature policy’ – Paid Parental Leave. Lenore Taylor has a sensible article in today’s TheGuardian pointing out that the real issue for parents isn’t whether they get 18 or 26 weeks leave, but how they deal with the return of the mother to work – and this means finding childcare, which can be difficult and is invariably expensive. Labor is doing something about this; Tony Abbott says the Productivity Commission will think about it.

But this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look more carefully at the Paid Parental Scheme being offered by Labor, Liberals and the Greens. But first, let’s ask the right question: why, as a society, do we think government should be in the business of paying parental leave at all? (I’ll ignore the neanderthals who deny any government role and say having a child is your own…

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I consider myself a thinker and I like to discuss everything in life with those around me. Mostly I am serious, sometimes I am funny, and occasionally I am rude. I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and say what I feel, or think! It is important to me to be honest about how I feel and why! I detest pretense, big egos and self importance. I believe that I am no more important than you, and similarly that you are no more important than me! [apparently I should reflect on this more often] This blog is a way of engaging people in different aspects of life; its goal is to present a different view of life and contribute to a broadening of our awareness. While this blog is essentially my opinion, I also understand that there are other opinions out there. Though I encourage discussion, I may “delete” comments that I find are unhelpful, argumentative, or offensive towards myself or another person. Often I write about politics – apparently that is an interest of mine – but I also like to write about other more personal things that affect us in our day to day lives. Along with this blog, I also write to politicians and newspapers; I often present a commentary on my blog about following comments or decisions. That way everyone understands what they have said – and sometimes of course how big a buffoon they are:) Please feel free to comment on my posts, as I would like to hear what you have to say. After all…. Your opinion is just as valid as mine!
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One Response to Inequitable Rubbish

  1. Blog of Greg says:

    I have mixed feelings about both schemes – they both have some good points.

    While I understand why there are many who feel that they should have fully paid maternity leave (PPL), that replaces their current wage, the fact that poorer women get less, while richer women get more to have a child, is totally outrageous.

    If the funds are essentially coming from Government, although by taxing business, then this could be construed as a welfare payment. As such, welfare should be a safety-net, NOT a payment to the rich – as seems to be happening more and more these days.

    But then both Liberal and Labor have cut support to single parents, which demonstrates clearly their REAL commitment to children and parents! Single parents are in far greater need than wealthy working women. IMHO.

    Being a part time carer of a child, on alternate days to my partner, trying to find a new better part time job, that pays well in my industry, is actually impossible. Quality part time work doesn’t really exist, so to suggest that single parents should “get a job” and while also paying for child care, is a typical uncaring, naive response from those who have no idea. But I digress.

    If we look at the costs of having a child, an d the enormous financial burden with the currently high cost of living, someone who is wealthy is far more likely to be able to afford to have a child, than someone who is poorer.

    While I understand that having a child is mostly a choice, to support wealthy people more than poorer people is totally disgraceful.

    I might point out that I was quite outraged by the Greens PPL policy, essentially copying the Liberal Party’s policy. When the Greens, who predominantly suggest a more equal society, put forward a policy that offers more support for the wealthy in our society, it would perhaps question their motives and where their policy has come from.

    Cynically, perhaps they are trying to get some of the wealthy Liberal voters to perhaps look towards them, rather than the Liberals.



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