Penalty Rates Under Abbott? Not Likely!

Do you think we will have penalty rates under Phony Flappit?

From Nicholson Cartoons.

From Nicholson Cartoons.

Not likely. From communications that I have received from some Liberals in the past, they seem to think that Australia is now a 24 hour economy, and therefore if people want a job, then perhaps they should be working nights and weekends, without penalty rates.

With Flappit about to get into the head office of Australia, what do YOU think will happen? Will we still have penalty rates next year, or the year after?


This is a media release from Save Our Weekend

While it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture amongst the political spin and media stunts, some important issues have emerged this election and the Aussie weekend is one of them.

Business leaders have been in full flight urging Tony Abbott to wind back penalty rates if he’s elected. Retailers Association boss Russell Zimmerman said we need a ‘review and reduction of penalty rates’. McDonald’s CEO Catriona Noble added ‘we don’t want everyone who works nights and weekends to have penalty rates.’

Watch the brand new Save Our Aussie Weekend video!

We know the community disagrees. We value our evenings and weekends as time for family and community. Most Australians accept that if you work on the weekend you deserve special compensation.

Tony Abbott, where do you stand?
Tony Abbott has refused to commit to maintaining penalty rates if the Liberal Party wins government on September 7 and some recent comments give plenty of cause for concern:

• Last month Tony Abbott told a business leaders group that he thinks penalty rates are responsible for some businesses shutting down.

• Liberal Party Shadow Minister for Employment Participation Sussan Ley recently told a group of businesses in her electorate that the Coalition would be “more energetic” in its support for business requests to change penalty rates.

We know many Australians depend on penalty rates to pay the bills. Save our Aussie Weekend: new video

Watch and share the Save Our Aussie Weekend video and make sure your friends and family know what’s at stake this election.

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