Climate Denial in the local rag

Hi everyone,

I have written about the local rag before, the newspaper (if you can call it that) called The Weekly Times. It isn’t really a newspaper in the true sense of the word, but a voice of the editor who loves to carry on with his crap! But that is my opinion… or is it his opinion… 🙂

What annoys me with this guy, John Booth, is that not only does he love to sprout his anti Climate Change opinions, but also letters pushing the anti-climate message. Amusingly, he uses people with known climate denial connections.

His latest contributor was Dr David Evans, whom many of you would already know. In response to this, I have written my own response, which is long and not likely to be published, but lists a number of connections that the public need to see.

So here is my letter that I wrote. (This is the version I sent, but was originally more detailed about the Heartland Institute, CEI, and the IPA – but you can’t have everything)

Dear editor,

Over recent months it has been interesting to read how many letters from climate Denialists that you have published in this newspaper. Some even from other States. Why is this?

What I found most Interesting though, was that most of these people belong, or have connection to, the anti-science organisation known as the Australian Climate Science Coalition, or the Climate Sceptics Party.

Hmmm. Is there something we should know about this?

Perhaps you should inform the public that the Climate Science Coalition is indirectly funded by the US extremist organisation the Heartland Institute.

Documents form the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) show a clear link between the Heartland Institute in the US and The Australian Climate Science Coalition!

Over the years, the Heartland Institute has provided significant funding for the Denialist movement. Principally because regulating emissions would influence the activities of the big and powerful companies of the US. Funny, but these companies FUND the Heartland Institute.

Then there is the US Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) – another anti-regulation, free market US extremist  think tank. This company has been funded by ExxonMobil, amongst others, to promote anti-science and misinformation on Global Warming.

The CEI has also provided funding for Denialist conferences in Australia and NZ which have involved some members from the Liberal Party (such as then Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer and Environment Minister Robert Hill), along with the NZ and Australian Chambers of Commerce.

I might also point out that the Australian Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), Australia’s extremist free-market think tank, with VERY strong ties to the Liberal Party (instrumental in its formation), has strong connections to the Heartland Institute and the CEI, along with mining giants such as BHP Billiton, the Western Mining Corporation, Shell, Mobil and Woodside Petroleum. They are also funded by, tobacco giants Philip Morris and British American tobacco.

In a recent speech to the IPA, PM Tony Abbott agreed to around 70% of the policies that the IPA put forward, with even a whisper in his ear by Gina Rinehart. No wonder Abbott wants to remove the Carbon Tax – that is a principle desire of the IPA!

With this sort of misinformation funding for Denialists, how can we possibly believe that the letters from Viv Forbes (Coal Miner – Qld), Dr David Evans (PhD in Electrical Engineering – NOT science – Melbourne), Bill Pounder (Climate Sceptics Party), Bill Koutalianos (Climate Skeptics Party), Leon Ashby (Climate Sceptics Party – ACT)… and I am sure I missed a few…

Do you think that perhaps we can have a little less BIAS???

Hmmm. See a connection here. Climate Denial, funded by big business! We know that, but how do we show the people that the very crap that they see in the Murdoch press, or presented by the idiot Liberal Party, is actually funded by known denialist organisations?

Social media just dosn’t cut it; the local rags just won’t publish it; the Murdoch press won’t publish; nor I would imagine would the Fairfax press. Where does that leave us?

Are we screwed or what???



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