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Hi everyone,

I don’t normally advertise other peoples stuff, I only advertise my own :), but if I find something that I feel deserves my support, I like to pass those details on.

Because I do a lot of trade related stuff, I wanted to protect my tools. After all, they cost a lot of money, and if you want to do a job, but find that your chisel is blunt, then it isn’t really of much use to you.

I recently lost a cover for one of my chisels, (I tend to lose things regularly – I think it has to do with having a very young child and therefore lost sleep – at least that is what I like to blame) and had to make a decision about what type of product I would use to protect them in future.

A brief search on the internet found I found it via a forum, where the owner had asked wood workers if they needed chisel wraps – which is exactly what I wanted.

Anyway I had a look at other products, but didn’t feel that the quality of the other products were up to the same standard as the type that was displayed on the website at MAKA.

The price of his product was good (if not better) so I decided to give him a go. I was not disappointed.

I purchased a cordless drill holster (great for when you are up a ladder and have nowhere to put your battery drill), a double saw cover (so I don’t cut myself and they don’t damage my car) and a chisel wrap which wraps around my chisels and attempts to keep them sharp (Doesn’t stop me from dropping them on the concrete though!!!). I also got a couple of work belts and a set of ear muffs (fantastic ear muffs I might add).

The leather goods that he has made for me are fantastic quality. I could not have asked for more. I personally believe that these are far better than what is usually found in the main hardware stores (not that they are easy to find mind you) – and of course, much of the stuff that I purchased is specialised anyway. Some of us tradies only want the best after all… and this is the best!

The guy clearly has great attention to detail – which I strongly admire – it is very lacking these days. Beautifly finished product, strong and durable from what I can see at the moment – only time will tell though.

This guy is a small business in Tasmania – well worth supporting small businesses in Australia, as there are not many left. While you can buy similar types of products elsewhere, from what I have seen, they are not the same quality, and they certainly aren’t the same price – generally much more expensive.

Most stuff these days comes from China, which has killed off most of the good guys, but this stuff beats that rubbish in both quality and price in my opinion.

If you want to see the type of product that he makes, you can find his web site at:
or phone him on
0438 591 631.

The only slightly negative comment that I could make about my experience with dealing with this guy, is that his web site isn’t as “pretty” as some others – I used to do some web design while running my IT business. During the ordering, I forgot my password which made the order difficult and annoying. But the consequences of this, is that I got to have a few conversations with the guy about his products.

However, I might note that at the time of purchase I sent him an email for clarification, and phoned him to let him know that I stuff up and forgot my password (whoops), he returned my call the next working day.

During that call I informed him that I would be away until early December, by the time I returned he had made the goods and contacted me a couple of days upon my return to Sydney. I did an electronic transfer and the goods arrived a few days later!!!

Wow! What great service!

Great products at a fantastic price.

Bye for now,



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