The Threatened Great Barrier Reef

Dear readers,

I haven’t written much of late as I have been busy and have been suffering too many very bad headaches.

However I wanted to make this quick post as I feel very strongly about it.


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I have just donated to the fighting fund to take on the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in a Legal challenge to stop dredge spoil dumping in the marine park.–3/reef-fighting-fund/reef-fighting-fund

I would rarely donate towards things like this unless I felt that it was imperative to stop dumping in the marine park. Budgets are tight when you have a young family and an old run down house!

The reef is an irreplaceable world heritage listed Australian icon that deserves better. All that our idiotic governments seem able to think about is short term profits – it’s called micro-economic management – and it doesn’t work. But they are incapable of considering the potential impact on the reef, and direct and indirect jobs that the reef supports – that would be called macro-economic management and is only for long term planning!

Also the Liberal Party are financed by miners and big business that want this project to go ahead. We also know that the IPA ( The Institute of Public Affairs), the Liberal Party think tank, is financed by miners, big business, big tobacco, big carbon etc. so why wouldn’t the Liberal Party want dredge spoil dumping to go ahead in the marine park. To dump it elsewhere would mean costing the miners more, and we can’t have that!

The reef is responsible for the employment of hundreds of thousands of people (both directly and indirectly), while mining only employs tens of thousands. The only reason the Queensland and Federal governments want this spoil dumping in the marine park, is because they have decimated all other industries and no longer have the capacity to balance the books any other way.

Because of our ideological governments, we are now a banana republic, with few other exports than mining and farming. So the government would rather risk permanently destroying a world heritage icon than developing a long term strategy for exports.

That’s why I have contributed to the Getup fighting fund. I hope you do to. It’s the last chance we have to stop dumping on the reef!!

Please help to save this for our children if you can afford to donate towards this legal challenge.


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