Women in Iraq

This will be a very quick post.

Iraqi protests

Protests in Iraq on International Women’s day to stop attacks on Women by the Shiite regime

I read recently of a young girl who was married off to an old guy in one of the middle east countries, with the result that the girl died on marriage night due to being raped to death. I think the girl was about twelve years old.

I was absolutely horrified that this could happen in a modern world. I didn’t realise that we were still barbarians – at least in some parts of the world.

I now read that one of the loony religious groups in Iraq has proposed a policy that would allow girls as young as nine to be married. It would also state that the father would become the sole guardian of a boy or girl at the age of two.


Life, particularly for women is so bad in some of these countries. We are so lucky in the West.

Religion should be banned!

That’s all I have to say about that.



I thought I would add a couple of other links from a fellow blogger on similar lines. Women all around the world are being attacked by MEN whose balls need to be cut off – figuratively speaking that is!





And if you keep searching the web, you can find this is happening everywhere – even in Australia by Right Wing religious zealots such as our current idiot Prime Minister and his loony mates!!! See this analysis of Cory Bernardi

http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-07/porter-the-real-danger-in-cory-bernardi-comments/5189168 – and he isn’t the only one in Politics in australia – but he is one of the worst!

Bye for now.



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