Austerity in Australia

A short one handed post (the other one has just had minor surgery) about Austerity in Australia.

Now that the powerful businesses in Australia have got there beloved Liberal party into government, the Austerity measures have started to surface to halt what they have called a budget emergency.

For years governments have been giving tax breaks to businesses and the wealthy in order to either buy votes or satiate financiers. Apart from selling ALL publicly owned assets this has resulted in a structural deficit.

What amuses me is that the imbeciles who voted this ideological government in, have apparently never kept an eye on what the Liberal party’s ideology is, nor who finances them.

According to a graph that I saw the other day, Australia has the second lowest debt to GDP in the OECD, yet Australia has a unique budget emergency; so much so, that we have to take immediate action by cutting pensions, welfare, increasing the retirement age, increasing all medical costs, cutting minimum wages, massive increases to student costs (by 34%) and so on! All attacking the ordinary person. NOT the wealthy that have caused these constant crises.

What has not been attacked is the vast subsidies to big business (such as the – 75% of the profits go overseas), the subsidies to the wealthy, the obscene paid parental leave (that gives the wealthy more than the poor), superannuation lurks (for the wealthy), and massive tax lurks for foreign companies operating in Australia.

I might also state that this idiot government is set to buy some fighter planes for $14 billion. These planes are from the US; other countries that were set to also purchase them have dropped out of the market because all reports currently suggest they are plagued with problems. Apparently these planes also cost around $14 Billion to run per year.

One would think that if there were a budget crisis, you wouldn’t spend $14 billion on planes that don’t work to fight an enemy that doesn’t exist! Like the US, I guess our wealthy have to protect their vested interests…

I thought that this chart really sums up where the budget attacks should really go.

Australia Institute shows where budget cuts should go

I think this graph sums up why Australia is in such a bad state really. The wealthy have all of the lurks and perks – and subsidies, but the average Australian is made to pick up the pieces because the wealthy are in government – NOT the ordinary person.

The wealthy created the lurks and perks, they benefit only themselves; heaven-for-bid if we were to demand they end.

This link sums up where Abbott’s policies come from. The IPA founded the Liberal Party, it finances the Liberal party, it is funded by Gina and her big business, big tobacco, big mining cronies. Abbott’s actual speech to the IPA, and see this commentary.

If you vote for the Liberal party, you get big business policies from the IPA. If you haven’t worked this out by now, you are an imbecile! sorry 🙂 !!!

That is it for today!!!



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