Australia’s secret police

A few days ago, Australia passed legislation that has far reaching powers to secretly monitor and attack its Citizens – to the extent where even whistleblowers and journalists will be locked up in gaol.

From what I have read, and listened to, we are heading straight into the territory of the Stasi, the KGB and the CIA. This is an appalling situation for Australia; many of our human rights have now been abolished under these new laws.

While this statement might sound extreme, you only have to read or listen to some of the reviews from these eras, to understand where we could head under these new laws. While we are not quite there yet, this is a disgrace for a modern democracy.

If you listen to this review of the Stasi by Hubertus Knabe he shows us a picture of where we could head without proper oversight and review. We do not ever want this, yet this is exactly where we are heading – if we are not careful.

In my opinion,

Our government has just passed laws that eliminate oversight, remove judicial review – gaoling journalists and whistleblowers who report on these matters.

They have given the “secret police” unfettered power to monitor, threaten, bash, and gaol Australian citizens without review, and with full immunity.

Sounds like the KGB, STASI and the CIA to me!

It was only a matter time before laws like this were introduced when ideology and vested interests have control of a government. Australia has become very much like the US. This is appalling and shows how little control of government the people now have.

While this might sound a little alarmist, or scaremongering perhaps, you only need to listen to Hubertus Knabe’s report above, to get a picture of how close we are.

This is a VERY sad time for Australia – it indicates clearly how the world has once again degraded into a very nasty, controlling and evil time. We need to resist this type of garbage.


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