An interview with MP Christopher Pyne

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I posted to my facebook page the other day, a TV interview with MP Christopher Pyne who is currently the Australian Government’s Education Minister. (posted on YouTube)

Pyne and the Liberal Party has had difficulty trying to implement the Liberal Party’s ideological policies, including obscene education policy that would see degrees rise in some instances to $100k. This would burden many of our students with debt for life, and do nothing to help Australia long term.

In the Howard years (our Prime Minister from the Liberal Party about 10 years ago) Australia was one of only two countries in the OECD that cut education funding. The other was America. I believe that all other countries in the OECD increased their funding. Now we have a new Liberal Party again cutting funding to education (along with everything else) and driving up costs to students again.

Fortunately the senate has not passed the two previous proposed bills, but the Liberal Party and Christopher Pyne haven’t given up yet.

The other day, Christopher Pyne did an interview on TV. It is the most bizarre, immature and disgraceful interview that I have ever seen by any politician.

In my opinion this person, and Government, appears to have a very limited maturity. I am embarrassed to acknowledge that these politicians are the people’s political representatives on the world stage.

What I don’t understand is how imbecile like this can EVER get elected into parliament!!! This man is a disgrace and should be sacked immediately!!!

If Pyne carried out an interview like this while representing a big company, he would be sacked immediately; yet apparently this behaviour is acceptable if you are an Australian politician on the world stage!!! What a disgrace!

It is no wonder why politics in Australia has degraded so far when we have such immature politicians in this pathetic Government!!!

This immature Government needs to be disposed of! The sooner the better.

Here is the Pyne interview that was put onto YouTube.

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne's Sky News interview

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s Sky News interview

Amusingly since then, a tongue in cheek version has also appeared on youtube. It is very clever and perhaps demonstrates more clearly the immaturity and stupidity of Christopher Pyne. It perhaps brings Pyne into the sort of context with which he should personally be viewed – that of an immature imbecile.

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne's Sky News interview - Star Wars Spoof

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s – Star Wars Spoof

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One Response to An interview with MP Christopher Pyne

  1. Oy! All I can say is that they’re the same the world over. But nevertheless I guess you Aussies need to get going and fix that problem you have with cat-owls. 🙂 Yikes!


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