Australia’s Threatened Species

“Just last week, another eight plants and animals were added to Australia’s list of over 1,800 species at risk of extinction.”

“Mining, logging, land-clearing and global warming are destroying habitat, while governments turn a blind eye. But we can shine a spotlight on them this week.”

“On Thursday, all of Australia’s state and federal environment ministers gather in Melbourne for the first ever national Threatened Species Summit”

Amusingly, this is on the back of Australia’s [anti] Environment Minister Greg Hunt, approving yet another massive coal mine in a prime agricultural location in NSW to be owned by the Chinese, and recently another massive coal mine on the edge of Australia’s [at risk] Great Barrier Reef.

Australia has one of the highest rates of extinction in the world; yet we are still creating new massive mines and are reducing our capacity in clean energy relative to other developed countries in the world.

Our ecosystem is essential for life on this planet to exist. If we kill our ecosystem, we kill our environment; we then kill ourselves. Pitty our small minded Economic Rationalist Governments, who can’t think beyond money, can’t seem to see this.

Tell the Minister for Environmental Destruction Greg Hunt, to stop destroying our environment and piss off and start to take environmental issues seriously!

Please sign the petition below.

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