Kiribati president lashes Peter Dutton for ‘vulgar’ joke

Good morning readers,

I wanted to comment on this particular article which the ABC reported on this morning. It is a short conversation that occurred between our current (as of 2015) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Kiribati President lashes Peter Dutton for sea levels joke

While having a candid conversation, neither of these two realised that they were being recorded, with the outcome being a recording of the true mentality of these two imbeciles.

An excerpt of the comments made:

Noting that a meeting was running late, Mr Dutton remarked it was running to “Cape York time”, to which Mr Abbott replied: “We had a bit of that up in Port Moresby.”

[This statement from both demonstrate the contempt that these two have for other people, cultures and nations.]

Mr Dutton then quipped: “Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door.”

[And this statement from Dutton, demonstrates sheer ignorance of the situation these small island nations face, and shows contempt and a lack of morality.”?]

Perhaps both of them have just forgotten the fact that they are supposed to be “World Leaders”

What is so revealing about this short conversation, is that they have shown the contempt that this Australian Government holds for both climate change, and the plight of small island nations around the world that are being afflicted by climate change.

And we haven’t even started to discuss the pathetic emission reduction targets.

Those of us who have watched politics closely for decades, would be well aware that this Government was formed and elected on the back of an anti-climate change agenda. This was in part funded by the mining lobby (I understand the mining lobby donated over $1M for the election campaign to the Liberal Party).

Tony Abbott (before being elected as Prime Minister) was put into the position of Party Leader, after the former Liberal Opposition Leader espoused his believe in Climate Change. That man, Malcolm Turnbull was pushed to the side-line by the powerful climate change sceptics within his party (and externally by those with vested interests in maintaining the status quo).

I think that it is fair to say, there appears to be a majority within the current Liberal Government who are climate change sceptics. The outcome of this accident, was in my view a demonstration of the arrogance and immoral beliefs held about the plight of those in island nations, and to climate change in general, by this Government.

The fact that these two were having a candid conversation, and were accidentally caught out, resulted in what could be construed as true feelings held by the two. I believe it clearly demonstrates a small mindedness, sheer arrogance, and a limited capacity for this Government to operate in a real world context.

I believe that it demonstrates that some, perhaps many within parliament, are lacking in appropriate morals and values. But then we only need to look at question time, to truly see their immaturity. They are quite pathetic really!

If this were the behaviour of any senior company representative, they would either be sacked, or forced to resign. For it to have occurred by both the Australian Prime Minister, and the Immigration Minister – some could arguably say the most senior people in Australia – it is reprehensible, and a clear demonstration of very inadequate leadership; let alone a very limited mental capacity.

I can only hope that further bad press is receive around the world, to show the world what an idiot Government we currently have, and that the views held by these idiots are not necessarily the views held by Australian Citizens.

The comments by these two, makes me feel like I am living in a tiny little banana republic, run by IDIOTS.

Oh…. but wait, we ARE!!!

That’s it for now!


PS: The definition for a Banana Republic:
A Banana republic is a term generally used for a politically unstable country, whose economy is largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product – in Australia’s case mining and farming. It typically has stratified social classes (Australia is often said to have low, middle and upper classes), including a large, impoverished working class (rapidly becoming more impoverished) and a ruling plutocracy (the wealthy group of citizens who have gained/maintained their wealth through connection to parliament). This plutocracy controls the primary-sector productions to exploit the country’s economy. [adapted from Wikipedia]

As an aside, the Washington Post recently did an analysis, and found that 20% of the wealthiest individuals in Australia, had connections to parliament. An Australian study found that 80% of the wealthiest individuals in Australia had connections to parliament.

Australia’s Plutocracy – From the ABC

So I would suggest that we have a Plutocracy – an undemocratic society based on selling… bananas?



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