Abbott is GONE !!!

We have a new Prime Minister in Australia…… Again

Abbott is gone, Abbott is Gone, Abbott is GONE!!!

Woohoo 🙂

Most people in Australia would have heard last night, that our Prime Minister was ousted by the Communication’s Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Those that didn’t wait holding their breath last night, would have found out the surprise this morning.

Malcolm Turnbull to be Sworn in as PM
Malcolm Turnbull to be sworn in as new PM

While we still have an ultra conservative Liberal Government in office, it would appear that we now have a new Prime Minister….. Again!

Amusingly this is the fifth Prime Minister in Five years, and a clear indication of how unstable our political system is in Australia.

All I can say is, thank goodness he is gone, as he was a buffoon. However many of his ministry, who are also buffoons, remain.

Unfortunately it will make it less likely that we will dispose of the Liberal National Party Coalition in the next election, as I feel that Malcom Turnbull (now PM) will have a stronger standing in the community. That will mean that the public will less likely vote him out.

It will be amusing to find out how the Liberal’s, having harangued the Labor Party for ousting their sitting PM (twice), will substantiate their decision to depose theirs 🙂 !

Looking forward to the pathetic banter in Question Time in parliament 🙂 !

A short one for today, so that’s it for now.


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