A Hardly Normal response!

LemonDear readers,

Following on from the lounge suite saga:


A Harvey Norman representative did contact me via email, essentially indicating that the cables for the lounge suite only had a one year warranty, and that the client would have to pay nearly $50 each for the two cables; then they would have to pay someone to install them, a sum that could amount to around $200.

A repair bill that could amount to up to one tenth the purchase price of the lounge suite. (the cables cost $6 each from eBay I might add – just a “tiny” markup)

As included in the previous blog (link above), under Australian consumer law, products must be fit for purpose, and if there are exclusions within a warranty, it is a requirement for this to be fully disclosed under Australian consumer law.

The client has indicated to me, that they weren’t informed that the cables in their $2000 lounge suite might fail shortly after 12 months, and that a repair of this might cost up to $200.

To be fair to Harvey Norman, the lounge is now just over 2 years old, but according to the client, the cables failed at around 18 months. The client had lost the receipt, and had no way of verifying purchase – and didn’t know that they could – until I took on the case and contacted Harvey Norman in their interest.

A lounge suite that costs $2000, should have parts that last a bit longer. If it doesn’t, then a suitable disclaimer and bold print should clearly indicate this. Failure to do so, could be construed as a breach of consumer law!

I stand by my professional opinion, as a repairer of decades, that the cables are not fit for purpose. There is either too much load for them to last long enough, or the design of the lounge suite is inadequate for the cable used. I suggest that they have failed due to either poor design, poor manufacturing, or poor quality.

You be the judge. What do you think of Harvey Norman’s claims. How will this influence your future lounge purchase, or will it?

Do you want a supplier who stands by their product and supports you afterwards, or do you want a supplier to walk away and avoid dealing with, what could be seen as, an early failure?

Would you be happy having to fork out one tenth of the cost of the lounge suite every two years for a repair?

My personal opinion, I wouldn’t buy from a re-seller like Harvey Norman. Prices are elevated to pay for the profit margins of the importer, manufacturer, and the re-seller. Hence why a $400 Chinese lounge suite costs $2000 in Harvey Norman. Then if there are any problems, you have to deal with the re-seller and/or the importer to seek repair. Then if this fails, you are left with a $2000 lemon, or take legal action!

But wait there is the “internet” to spread the word. 🙂

well that’s it folks,

bye for now,





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