Climate and religion

Hello readers,

I thought that I would have an online chuckle about a letter that I have just written on climate change. The newspaper in question is the local rag – The Weekly Times (TWT).

Quite frankly, based on the quality of news within, it isn’t even good enough to wipe my arse on! But that is a bit coarse isn’t it 🙂 ho hum.

While some of you might not agree with my statements, and some might disagree with my questioning of religion, there is something to think about in this post… Well in my distorted view of the world anyway 🙂

Like so many people in the world, the editor of TWT, seems to be steadfast in his belief that climate change isn’t occurring. He appears to cherry pick information that confirms his opinion, but refuses to acknowledge other facts that refute his claims… So be it. And he keeps publishing his BS in his newspaper – arrogantly – even though it often doesn’t make any sense. I guess that is his right – or is it! Oh this is very annoyingly philosophical, so early in the argument 🙂

Recently he appeared to claim that because we had massive rainfall in NSW (Australia), that climate change wasn’t occurring. However he failed to recognise, that at the same time we had record heat waves in other states – and not for the first time!

The next week we had some religious nutter telling us that ‘we need to leave it in God’s hands’, or some such rubbish.

What continues to astound me, is that in the face of continuing presentation of evidence, these people just stick their head in the sand and whinge, while other parts of the world burn, flood or are cyclone torn! Bizarre!

After this idiotic letter by the raving religious fanatic, I felt compelled to respond. The following is my letter to the editor of TWT, with just a few notes – names removed for privacy.

Of course the editor of TWT might not publish it – he often doesn’t – I guess it is just too confronting, and contradicts his opinion. Perhaps we’ll leave it up to the bananas – B1 and B2 – to decided…. oh darn – that is just too damned cryptic! 

Read on…


Dear editor [of TWT],

Having read the last two weeks of dribble, from those blind to the understanding that our climate is changing, I must say that I am a little confused.

B1, you recently implied that because of massive rainfall in NSW, that climate change wasn’t occurring? No doubt you will claim this week that climate change isn’t occurring because the US had massive snow falls. [the east coast in particular just had massive snow falls] What is astounding is that you will conveniently ignore the fact that NASA has just found that the earth has warmed by 0.9°C. [considering the world has just decided to keep warming to under 2°C, we are already half way there – very concerning]

Unfortunately at the same time as massive rainfalls were occurring in NSW, we had record breaking heat waves in other states. I guess you just forgot to acknowledge that in your attack on scientists? Or perhaps you are confused with the difference between climate and weather?

Perhaps you can then explain, in scientific terms, how a weather event, such as massive rainfall, proves that climate change doesn’t exist?

Then there was last week’s ludicrous statement from B2, who somehow believes that we should leave it in the hands of “God”, as somehow God will fix it for us.

[We could of course go into a scientific discussion about God, presenting evidence here and there, but that is beyond the scope of this discussion – unfortunately]

I suppose we should reflect on this for just a moment…

The analysis

If God invented man, then God invented scientists! If God invented scientists, then God gave them the skills to rigorously analyse and interpret data, and to come to a conclusion that climate change was occurring; more importantly, that it is man made – largely through self interest, greed and arrogance.

[I haven’t even gone into the possibility that God has encouraged us to educate ourselves and better ourselves for all of mankind. God must have created language, maths, and science… otherwise why would we have it? – perhaps this discussion too, is best left for another time…]

So…… If God has created scientists, and of course given them the skills to determine that climate change is occurring, then aren’t scientists effectively using a skill, given to them by God, for just this purpose? Therefore, effectively, isn’t God telling us that climate change is occurring – caused by man – and that we have to act?


In summary

One conclusion that could be construed from this argument, is that God has told us that we need to act on climate change, because God has given the precious gift of science to man – just for this very purpose.

Perhaps we can then suggest, that it is the arrogance of some of “man”, to continue to deny what God has given man – science – and instead continue to stick their head in the sand and remain arrogantly steadfast – even in the face of evidence?

In conclusion

I would suggest to those who continue to try to cherry pick, and deny climate change, that sticking your head in the sand and repeating a mantra that it doesn’t exist, doesn’t make it go away! Perhaps it is just the “Devil” who makes you believe, and publish, such rubbish, and deny science that, in essence, God gave us!

Good luck with that – let me know how it works for you!

end of letter…


Well on that note, it’s time to go do something constructive at 11pm at night.

bye for now 🙂



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