Woolworths treats staff like shit!

Good afternoon readers,

I thought I would share this story about how Woolworths Australia seems to be treating its staff.

Woolworths treats its employees like shit!A friend of mine, who works for Woolworths in NSW, has just told me that when they recently returned from holidays, that Woolworths’ senior staff had allegedly disposed of all of the employees lockers – even though personal equipment of some employees was still in it!!!

Management allegedly DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT about the personal items inside!!!

My friend lost their brand new work boots and prescription reading glasses.

Apparently the boots that were in the lockers, were also essential safety equipment!!!

It would be interesting to see what would happen should an accident occur and this friend didn’t have their safety boots on?

That would be a litigation nightmare seeing that Woolworths’ themselves had unlawfully disposed of them!

Bring it on – you arrogant fools!
(as you can see, I’m a bit pissed off too)

What’s more, when this friend approached senior staff members, they allegedly shrugged their shoulders and then demanded receipts for the personal items that were in the lockers.

If this doesn’t clearly express the contempt with which senior staff of Woolworths treats employees, nothing will!

What sort of an arse-hole company does that to their staff. One that is losing money? Woolworths has just made record losses, and is closing a hardware chain – that was always set for failure anyway.


One could construe that this is also a WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) issue now!!! Safety boots are worn for a reason, and if management has thrown them out and the staff becomes injured… Seems like a litigation case in waiting.

Personally, I would have demanded immediate replacement, or not returned to work on WHS grounds. I would then contact Fair Work Australia, who have tight controls over what employers and employees can do. I would then immediately phone the union and sit on my hands until the safety equipment has returned.

You see, both employer and employee have WHS obligations, and that is that safety equipment must be worn when required. If management have deliberately thrown out personal protective equipment (PPE), then they are potentially liable for any accidents that occur.


No wonder the company is in limbo, losing money, losing patronage.

Hmmm… Considering that Woolworths is in such a bad financial state, treating good reliable staff with such contempt is hardly conducive to satisfied and productive workers.

What happens when you treat your workers like this? Your workers aren’t likely to be nice in return – apparently it is something that Woolworths just can’t seem to understand!

Moronic Dimwits!

This sort of contempt seems to be becoming more common in corporate Australia – unfortunately!

I might note: this style of contempt shown towards staff, appears to be quite typical of Woolworths – I hear lots of stories.

It is another reason why I will continue to boycott Woolworths and deal with another company like Aldi, Coles and IGA. Not that they don’t have their own issues too!

If you treat your staff like shit, I can only hope you fail!

Up yours Woolworths! You deserve everything you get in return!

Share this if you think Woolworths should be held to account for this abuse of workers rights.

By for now,


#Woolworths #FuckWoolworths #WoolworthsMustFall


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  1. Blog of Greg says:

    Ha ha ha… My next post is on reflection… perhaps I was just having a bad day 🙂


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