Private Health Insurace – a ministers response

Good evening all,

I wanted to follow up from a previous post regarding private health insurance in Australia.

Following that post, I wrote to my local Federal MP, The Honorable John Alexander MP, questioning the operation of Private Health Insurance, and clauses contained within, that exclude conditions or place restrictions on them.

Just a couple of days ago, I received a reply from his office. The reply was of course quite typical in our capitalist economy, and it essentially said look elsewhere for a better, or cheaper, deal.

Because we all know that competition is the best answer to all of our problems!

As usual, there was the typical avoidance of the issue at hand, which was the exclusion of conditions and/or restrictions – which was the main reason for writing in the first place.


taken from:

As the letter is interesting, I have decided to post the entire transcript below.

Response by:
Electorate Officer Simone Stark, for The Honorable John Alexander MP.



Stark, Simone (J. Alexander, MP) to me
29 Mar
Dear Greg,
Thank you for contacting John Alexander MP, John has asked me to respond on his behalf.
John appreciates your feedback and continued support.

Private Health Insurance (PHI) premium increases take effect from 1 April 2016.

The approved industry average premium increase is 5.59 per cent, however this figure is an average across all Private Health Insurers with some increases falling below this figure and some above it.

Table B lists the average premium increase for each Private Health Insurer, with some as low as 4 per cent.

We encourage consumers who are not happy with their insurer’s premium increase to shop around for the best deal they can get.

Every year, health funds increase their premiums so they can cope with the rising costs of claims and still provide their customers with the best services that they can.

This year the Minister for Health, the Hon Sussan Ley MP, asked all insurers to revise their applications for a premium increase to offer lower increases to consumers. Due to this, overall premium increases are $125 million less than what they would have been if the Minister had not asked insurers to revise their applications.

We understand that consumers are not happy about large PHI premium increases, and this is something we are committed on addressing through our forthcoming PHI reform package

Please be assured that John continues to recognise the importance of maintaining a dialogue with the electorate on all matters.

If you have any additional questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Kind regards,

Simone Stark

Electorate Officer
John Alexander OAM MP | Federal Member for Bennelong
44-46 Oxford Street, Epping NSW 2121
Electorate Office | P: (02) 9869 4288 F: (02) 9869 4833



A typical response from a government minister? What do you think?

Bye for now,




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