Visit Australia – and the dying Great Barrier Reef

I wanted to post this to my blog to highlight the deception of our current Liberal Government.

While some in the world would be aware of what our current Government is doing to our environment, it may not be widely known in the rest of the world.

In Australia our environment is becoming so degraded, that significant tourist destinations are at great threat.

Concerningly, our current Liberal Government is so deceptive, that even when our Great Barrier Reef is heading towards destruction, details of its demise is removed from literature, so that wider reporting doesn’t present the grim picture.

I have included an article published on:
that lists some of the facts about our Great Barrier Reef.

While this particular video attached to that article is “tongue in cheek”, the message is not, and it shows the length to which our current Liberal Government will go to, to hide the truth about Australia’s environmental crimes.



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