We’re moving – part 2

Good morning world!

We're moving - from: http://www.picgifs.comA little while ago I wrote that we were planning to move:

Well, the time of sale is now right on our doorstep; we finally decided on an agent a bit over a week ago.

Today was the first day of the official advertising programme, and our house was listed on the web. Whoohoo!

We had a stylist assist us last Friday, designing our interior. As a result of that guidance, we worked feverishly over the weekend for a photo shoot on Monday.

Two days to empty the house (literally), and transform it into a comfortable and livable home. It was miraculous considering what the house looked like beforehand. Apparently we even surprised the agent, who didn’t think we could make it.

It has been a really crazy week – and it has really been a terrible drain on us, me in particular.I am also looking for other places to live at the same time as repairing this one, and getting it ready for sale.

A bit of history

My grandparents bought the home in 1954, and as my grandfather was a war serviceman (though he never left Australia – the war ended just before he was set to leave), he was entitled to a war service home as he served in the army in Australia.

It is a difficult time for my family, going through the sale process, as this has been my family’s home for three generations.

Our family was the first to ever live in this home; it was an area made available to the war service after the army moved out.

My grandparents (who bought the home) => My mother and uncle were raised in it => I (and my siblings) grew up in and around it => my family, and now my son have grown in it – my boy is still 4, but growing.

From my family:
two children, five grand children, one great grand child (and another four who visited from Melbourne), have lived in, and grown up in this home.

The house has changed little over the years, it remains basically as it was then. A humble, but functional home.

I thought that I would post a few (and perhaps the last ever) pictures that were taken as part of the advertising plan by Bresic Whitney (bresicwhitney.com.au)

Sadly, in this day and age in Sydney, most old houses are knocked down, and replaced with newer, more modern homes. It is both good and bad. This house is still standing after 62 years. The foundations are still solid, and there has been little movement over the years.

Few new houses would last so long!

Unfortunately, with modern life, the old houses don’t suit the lifestyle of new families and they are knocked down for newer, better (in some ways) homes.

But that means that the history – the memories – are knocked down with them. In this case, a whole generation of memories are gone with the bulldozer.

Much of my life has been spent in and around this home – my families home – so it is very sad, and very difficult to move. Once we move, it will only be a short time before the house is demolished, and land is flattened for a new development, and a new family to create new memories.


On the positive, it will also be a new start for my family, in a new home that we choose, that will suit our purposes.

So in that regard, it is also like a renewal for my new family.

I feel a bit sad at the moment, knowing that I will be moving soon; knowing that I will be leaving behind a home (that will be smashed up) that I grew up in for 45 years.

bye for now,

PS: there will be more updates, as we will be having an article written about my family in the local newspaper next week. Stay tuned!

In case you are interested in how our home is described on the web, this is it!


Our advertisement



With a 23m frontage & 657 sqm allotment, this cottage has development potential (subject to council approvals). In the meantime, it’s a ready rental prospect or neat home for a young family.

  • Easement free, big future possibilities
  • Potential duplex site (subject to council)
  • A corner block & highpoint of the area
  • District views & natural sunlight all round
  • Scope to capitalise on the views to city
  • Updated gas kitchen, tidy bath, garage
  • Near trains, express city bus, Macq Uni
  • Near top schools & 1 traffic light to city
  • Short stroll to Coxs/Blenheim Rd shops
  • First time property offered in over 60 years

Get to know North Ryde

Residents value this area for its family-friendly ambience and leafy environment. Yet it’s still within easy reach of the CBD, major shopping centres, and the M2. A true village feel. An array of quality public and private schools. Arguably the best-kept secret of the Ryde area.


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4 Responses to We’re moving – part 2

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  3. Moving can be very stressful, even if you’re looking forward to a nicer home or better neighbourhood. We undertook a major move last fall (1000 km) because of a new job and it was tough. Take care and good luck. 🙂


    • Blog of Greg says:

      Thanks Lynette, I am sure it will go well. I have moved about 8 times in my life, but never sold and bought before. We are already part way there, and we have a good agent. It will all work out very well for us in the end. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂


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