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While I am not in the habit of forwarding other peoples posts, or letters, this email from the activist group “GetUp” highlights why Australian politics is so dirty.

The Politicians highlighted within this article and video, are some of the many people within politics in Australia who make our society so undemocratic. They need to go, so that Australian politics can become democratic again, and finally work for the needs of the people – not vested interests.

Here is the post and video – if you haven’t already seen it.



From GetUp

You may not know Federal MP George Christensen, but he’s got a habit of calling younames – “gutless green grubs”, “eco-terrorists” and, just last week, “bastards”.1, 2, 3

And you’re not the only one. He’s made headlines for calling women stupid, joking about gay people suffering from AIDS and for telling people to “jump on the first plane and head back to where you come from”.4, 5, 6

Not one to stop at hate-mongering, Mr Christensen is a fervent champion of the Adani coal mine, which, if built, will wreak irreversible damage on our Reef. And George has used his time in parliament to attack climate science as “fiction” and viciously block climate legislation.7, 8

But the worst part? George doesn’t work alone. Mr Christensen is part of a minority group of far-right MPs who wield enormous, disproportionate influence over our politics.

Well-connected in the mining industry and beloved by the big end of town, this group of Abbott-era crusaders works relentlessly to drag our politics to the right. Prime Minister Turnbull lacks the the power to stop their influence, but if we act together, we can make a difference.

That’s why, this election, GetUp members are going after them, in an ambitious plan to pare back their undue, dangerous influence. So Greg, without further adieu, click here to meet ‘The Blockers’…

This campaign isn’t personal, despite the personalities involved. These MPs systematically undermine progress on those most urgent issues our movement fights for: respect for our multicultural communities, protection of Australia’s stunning environment, public funding for our local schools and hospitals.

Over 5,200 GetUp members have already kicked in an average donation of less than $40, to a $190,000 war chest to fund this ambitious election effort. The war chest is powering hyper-local campaigns in target electorates, thousands of phone calls to undecided voters, direct mail outs, digital, radio and print ads and over one million election day how-to-vote cards.

This is what a grassroots political revolution looks like – paid for by people, not corporate billionaires.

GetUp members are throwing everything they’ve got at unseating these hard-right ideologues – and the polling streaming in shows our national movement is turning the tide against them.

This election time, we’re doing the impossible – and it’s all thanks to people like you.

With 16 days to go, let’s give it all we’ve got.

Paul, for the GetUp team

PS – GetUp’s how-to-vote cards have the power to change the election outcome for these blockers – but not without volunteers to hand them out to undecided voters on election day. Do you have a few hours spare on July 2? Click here to sign up to volunteer at your local booth.

[1,2] ‘Nationals MP George Christensen calls Green activists ‘terrorists”, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 September 2014
[3] ‘Election 2016: Coalition MP George Christensen referred to AFP over turtle ‘bribery’ allegation’, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 June 2016
[4,5] ‘Abbott defends candidate critical of Jews, gays, women’, ABC News, 10 August 2010
[6] ‘Non-Australian protesters face deportation if charged’, ABC News, 18 September 2012
[7] ‘LNP backbencher George Christensen likens climate change to science fiction film plot’, ABC News, 9 July 2014
[8] ‘George Christensen: How do they vote?’, They Vote For You






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