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I haven’t written for quite a while, as we were selling our home and moving. Although there are a number of other articles in the back-burner, I haven’t had time to finish them.

I have a bit of an unfortunate story to share in this post. I haven’t talked about it much with people, because I was hoping it would just “go away”; apparently it hasn’t L

So the subject of this post is “Nasty Neighbours”.

One of the driving reasons for moving from our previous home, was that we had an extremely nasty neighbour.

This person is quite clearly mad, but it isn’t noticeable if you just meet her a few times; she just comes across as weird.

For about the last five years, this neighbour has been abusive and just plain nasty. Initially I had tried to solve problems with her by rationalising, discussing, and talking – that’s what you do to solve problems isn’t it? It always ended in her being abusive and nasty.

The first incident that I experienced (probably about five years ago now) was after the local council collected our household waste bin one day. The truck picked up our bin, emptied it, and then placed it down on “her” nature strip. No matter how I reasoned, I was to blame, and I had to put my bin somewhere else.

No matter what I did, there was always something that would provide reason for her to be abusive. When we started to repair our house, it was in a degraded state, the abuse and complaints got ten times worse.

It continued to escalate from here.

During another incident she said: ‘your a piece of shit dickhead, your a piece of shit. We have the beautiful house, and we owns it, not like you. You take your grandmother’s house and now she’s dead. ha ha ha. Oh well, I’ll have to make another complaint to council…’

This was the style of behaviour we were putting up with.

She started filming everything that we were doing in the property, listening in to our conversations, and monitoring what we were doing at all times.

She started to make complaints to various authorities (WorkCover, Local Council, and apparently the police), claiming that we were doing things that we shouldn’t be doing. According to our local municipal council, the complaints included everything that she had ever taken offense to.

After the first visit by council, the council officer went away and dismissed what she had complained about, believing that there was no validity in what she complaining about. WorkCover came out and weren’t interested and left immediately.

However the complaints to the authorities didn’t stop, and council came back out again (about five times in total, with several more phone calls from them).

Eventually the only issue that council had with anything that we had done, was that they wanted us to lower some shelves 25mm, (1”) so that the chance of water going over her fence was nill. There was never a chance anyway because of the type of material, and the distance from the fence, but it was best to just keep them happy and do what they wanted.

Because this woman didn’t get to punish us as she appeared to want – for some crimes against her that don’t exist – she then started to become more threatening.

Expressions such as “I am going to get you”, “revenge is sweet” were now the approach.

The monitoring of our activities became so ridiculous that if I walked out into our backyard, she would appear to come out of her house and stand beside her fence to listen in to what we were saying and doing. We often saw her looking out of her window into our backyard.

Of course, as a result of this abuse and threats, we approached the police. While they did take one formal report (she had threatened us with personal financial information – presumably gleaned from listening in to our conversations), their general response was ‘there isn’t anything that we can do. Either you have to put up with it, or you have to leave’. They suggested seeing a lawyer and taking out a personal violence order (PVO). They were generally unsympathetic.

Having spoken to the police assistance line about four times, spoken to three different officers at Gladesville Police station, the only officer whom we saw who was sympathetic, was a female officer – but she couldn’t do anything either. At least she was more willing to help. She indicated that should the nasty neighbour start screaming abuse over our fence, try to have a witness (if possible) and call the police to attend immediately.

So after speaking to the police we did approach a lawyer, who said ‘there isn’t much anyone can do. The police always tell clients to take out a PVO because they don’t want to deal with the matter. Unless the neighbour attacks you in some way, the chance of success is slim; you could end up having to pay her legal fees.’

Hence we didn’t pursue the legal approach.

We spoke to council about the abuse, spying, and filming of us. We showed them one of our recordings where she was being abusive towards us. They indicated that she appeared mentally disturbed. They also said that in the past they had tried to seek medical treatment for neighbours who were acting in this way (apparently it happens often), but it had not been successful, and had cost council significant amounts of money in the past. They indicated that they weren’t going to help us either.

But her monitoring of us just didn’t stop. I often heard shuffling beside her fence when I was in the back yard, and if I walked towards the shuffling, I would see her side door quietly open and close again.

The police said that we could put cameras up on our house, and that she might feel insecure enough to leave us alone. We eventually put cameras up.

It seemed pretty obvious what she was doing to us.

Ultimately, after five years of this, we decided we had had enough and decided to move. The police wouldn’t do anything, the lawyers wouldn’t do anything, and council wouldn’t do anything. These were our only avenues to protect ourselves.

Nobody can live like this for years, nor should they have to. We sold our home, which was in a partly renovated state and lost significant amounts of money. House prices went up after we sold, and we are now about $200,000 behind. Not including the losses from our house sale and part renovation which probably cost around another $100,000.

So, as you would know from reading this blog (, we put our house on the market; we sold moved about three months ago.

So now you know a large part of the reason why we moved.

The next part of the saga…

Having believed that we had escaped this piece of shit woman, and her obsession with us… she saw me at the local shops and immediately started being nasty again – in front of all of the other shop staff and customers.

I turned my back and walked away. However she just kept going and followed me, trying her hardest to be as nasty as she could. As I paid and walked out of the store, she said “see you at [our] street” – I am obviously not going to disclose where we currently live! But somehow this piece of shit has found out! We have a silent phone number, and can’t be found anywhere on the web!

Fuck me.

After five years of this shit, having chased us out of our family home, and not even living anywhere near her, this nasty piece of shit is still having a go at us. She even knows where we live, and is, in her own way, still threatening us. She is so obsessed with us, that she just can’t let go.

For God’s sake, when will it end!

Once again, of course, I phoned the police, who again said, ‘sorry we can’t do anything. Unless she stands outside the front of your house, threatens you, screams abuse and vitriol, or attacks you in some way, we can’t do anything. You will need to see a court magistrate and take out a PVO.’

Same old story.

What I don’t understand, is why nobody can stop her. Don’t we have rights as well? Or is it that deranged people need to be carefully protected! Good grief what is wrong with this picture!

When I asked the police if this sort of thing is a regular occurrence, they indicated that it was. It might be a next door neighbour, or the person down the street, but it happens all of the time.

It makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with our society.

While I completely understand mental illness and am compassionate, there is a limit to my compassion. Having put up with this abuse, threats and harassment for five years; having had NO protection from her by the authorities –

I want this deranged piece of shit woman kept away from me!!!

So that is our sad little story for the last five years – and why we moved! Apparently the sad little story is continuing – even after we have moved away from her! and no-one can, or wants to, do anything about it.

That’s it for now, today’s little whinge.

Bye for now,


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