Electricity costs

A different blog for this evening.

I thought I would share our electricity usage with you.

I am quite proud of our family.

As a household of three we use about 18% of the electricity of an average three person household. Even more interesting is that we only use around 37% of the electricity of an average 1 person household.

The graph shows it all!

Our electricity usage

In this current rental home (we are soon moving – see the next post) we have time of day metering – see the different colours on the graph. What that means is that at peak times of the day, we pay double what most other people pay. However during off peak times (between 10pm and 7am), we pay half of what most people pay. We therefore do things like washing after 10pm to reduce our electricity usage.

If you look at the graph above you will see two bars. The first bar shows the previous quarter, and the second bar shows the last quarter.

Comparing the two you will notice that we have reduced our peak usage (purple) during this summer, as we have become more familiar with our usage and metering. Because it was summer we had an overall increase in electricity usage (not unforseen), but predominantly that was off-peak (green).

What is fantastic though, even though it was summer, we actually had a decrease in peak usage (purple) with a slight increase in shoulder usage (red). Overall this meant that summer this year was cheaper than it was the previous summer, even though electricity costs had increased.


While we have air conditioning, we use it rarely. During summer this year, we preferred fans on most occasions – though some days were just too difficult. Apart from a few really bad days/nights, we didn’t use our air conditioning at all. [As we have a very leaky rental house, there wasn’t much point anyway 🙂 ]

At our home, we are quite frugal with our electricity usage. We actively turn devices off and check our consumption on a regular basis – I also have a live meter that allows me to monitor my usage whenever I want to check it.

Also, I have either bought or made switches (I am an electronics technician) that will turn off our television/DVD/HiFi/Computers etc. You could just turn off your power points if they are accessible.

We cut our night time electricity to around 50W (according to our relatively inaccurate meter), which is quite low in this electronics age. I could cut it down lower, but I like to have my router running so that I can listen to internet podcasts as I go to sleep, or when I wake up during the night – very wasteful I know 🙂 . If I turned it off, I could reduce my electricity consumption by another 7 to 15W!

Over the last decade, Australia has had vastly increasing electricity costs. While it is said that we have a relatively low cost of electricity by world standards, I have watched prices more than triple in NSW since privatisation.

If you are facing high electricity usage like most Australians,  one way for you to mitigate some of your usage costs is to monitor, and actively reduce your electricity usage.

By monitoring what you have turned on during the day and night, you might be able to reduce your bills as we have done, and make your yearly energy costs lower than they currently are.

If we can do it, you can do it!!!

We could do even better than we are, but I am just lazy!!! Perhaps in our new home, I will install a switch beside my bed that I can turn on to start my internet.

Good grief, talk about lazy 🙂

I would have to say that I am extremely proud that we have done so well, and that we have an electricity consumption that is just slightly more than one third of a single person household in NSW.

I think that is quite fantastic!

A proof that it can be done through determination!

I will write more about this in coming months/years as we start to review how we manage our energy in our new home – that is hopefully less leaky!

Bye for now,



PS:     I must note: at that rental property we had gas cooking and solar panels. We also had gas water heating, which I found extremely inefficient and costly. The gas cooking does reduce our electricity usage, and it is definitely cheaper than electric cooking (let alone more efficient). However as gas prices go up, electricity could work out cheaper eventually – particularly if you have solar panels.

In my experience from this property, off-peak hot water (which we had at our previous property) worked out a bit cheaper than gas hot water at this property.

We are about to get solar panels at our new house, and I will comment on that in weeks to come.


Bye for now,


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