A DODO in flight

Why would a modern telecommunications choose the name of an extinct bird –

Because they are complete and utter imbeciles.

This blog post is really just a great big whinge about a telecommunicaitons company that is quite hopeless. And while I often have a whinge, this is the biggest whinge that I have had by F   A   R.

The crux of it…

Don’t ever use DODO for your home phone/internet. Or ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS PLANET – unless you’re mad of course!

We have finally got our phone/internet connected today having waited nearly 7 weeks for the privilege.

We organised a move from our old address to our new location on 8th March 2017. It was specified to be activated on 7th April 2017, giving them one whole month to organise themselves.

I knew of course that they would stuff it up, as they had stuffed up the last move (only 6 months before that)!

I even phoned the idiots at DODO to confirm that everything was OK two weeks before the 7th April. They confirmed that everything was going as planned and that I would receive a text message when it was connected.

I waited…..

And waited……………….

And Waited…………………………………

……………………………………….but no text message – which was ominous!!!

Low and behold I turned up to the new house on the 7th April and there was no phone connection. I was not surprised!

After quite a few attempts to contact them (on expensive mobile calls), we were told there had been a technical issue.

Dodo were using Optus as their service provider at our previous location. According to DODO, Optus had indicated that they would connect us but then later declined the service request to reconnect us at our new location. According to Dodo (who I wouldn’t trust as far as I could kick them) Optus didn’t tell Dodo.

….   And of course DODO didn’t tell us, so we didn’t know about it until we arrived on site at our new home on 7th April.

Ho hum….

We were then told that we had to connect using Telstra as our new service provider who apparently said that there was an active service at the premises already. They therefore wouldn’t connect us unless we could provide proof of occupancy.

This of course is very bloody hard to provide when you have no internet/phone/fax or connection to anything web based.

Eventually we were told that we could pay an extra $300 to speed up the process, and install a new line.

I beg your bloody pardon! WTF?

We were then told that it could take another 14 and 24 days to deliver the new service. This was on top of the 5 weeks we had already waited.

After a half hour phone call about 1 week ago now, I made it quite clear that they were complete imbeciles and that they should have checked along the way to make sure of what was going on. Of course their response was of to blame everyone else but themselves for their cockups.

I was told that we would still be waiting up to two more weeks for a connection to take place, and that it wasn’t their fault!

Of course it wasn’t their fault!

Imagine having to take responsibility for something!

After various SMS messages during the last week, I finally got a message that seemed promising. A message indicating that our service was now connected.

Sadly that would have been too easy. When I tried to connect – nothing.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Of course, how could they possibly have got this final part correct! Dodo had changed my username and password but didn’t tell me!!! Why would you tell your customer that they had a new username and password – that would not be logical!

After another long phone call, I was given my new username and password.

They did get one thing right during this process. We have a new “silent” telephone number – Oh but DODO, you are supposed to tell your customer what the phone number actually is!

What is it you idiots!!!!

After phoning DODO, I managed to get my new username and password, and upon accessing my account later on in the evening to find out my new number, my account still has our old phone number listed – from three years ago – it has changed three times since then… but that’s another story…

Further to this fiasco, I have now found that they have charged us $169 for God knows what, and deleted our previous account. I no longer have access to any of our previous invoices. I can’t find out what they have or haven’t charged us previously… Some of the $169 I am sure we have already paid when we organised the new bloody phone line!

Absolute bloody imbeciles these guys.

We organised a phone to be connected on 8th march. We finally got it today. nearly 7 weeks later.

Efficiency with DODO –

7 weeks to connect a telephone line – Woohoo,

I wonder if this is why they named themselves after an extinct bloody bird!

Oh and to make matters worse…

We were already 7 months into a 24 month contract with these fools before this fiasco.  Low and behold they have decided to restart the contract back from the fucking beginning again. We are now back at the beginning of another 24 month contract!!!

God almighty – when will it end!

These guys are the most useless bunch of pricks I have ever come across in my entire life!

Complete and utter imbeciles!!!!!

This isn’t the first time they have stuffed up our service. The last move (7 months ago) wasn’t as bad, but we ended up having three different phone numbers over three weeks. During the process we lost our service when they “apparently” connected the cables into the wrong exchange. They blamed Optus of course!

I wonder if they will get it all sorted tomorrow when I phone them for about the 10th time in the last two weeks to sort out this mess!

Bye for now,


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