Junk Robot

Well, I haven’t written for a while, and the first post is about junk?


Is it a Robot that is rubbish, a robot that just didn’t work…


…. Let’s scroll down and see ….

Meet “Riccy”, our gorgeous “Junk Robot”

Junk Robot

Junk Robot - back What is a “Junk Robot”, well a robot made from junk of course! This lovely little robot that my son has build, was made from scrap parts that were pulled out of a disposed TV Box.

Well… He isn’t really junk any more is he!

He may be made from junk… but he is definitely GORGEOUS!

He doesn’t function as such,
so no walking skipping or moving!

Bits of him do move – you can twirl the two fans around.
… and yes you can pick him up… gently… and move him around.


This week in our local area there is what we call a “council cleanup”. Everyone who has junk, pops their rubbish onto the nature strip (footpath) for council to come around and crush it for landfill.

… yep VERY wasteful.

Why a Junk Robot?

There was recently a post on our local facebook page from my son’s Out Of School Hours (OOSH) care. It was about kids picking up “bits and pieces” and assembling them into some form of art – here is the video.

… So that’s what we did.

My son and I picked up a TV Box, stripped it of the interesting bits, and built a “Robot”.

Oh he is drop dead gorgeous (if you like that sort of thing), and I was super proud of his efforts.

Why post this

But by posting this post, I hope to inspire others to assemble art from scrap that might be lying around. In Australia (and probably elsewhere in the world) we have a wast problem.

Most of what is produced soon after ends in land fill.

Our land fills are overflowing, but waste keeps on coming…

Rather than going to landfill (at least straight away), it can be used to help kids be more creative, think outside the box, and build something that inspires them.

In this case it was “Riccy” the Robot!

Why waste it, when you can build something creative out of it!

Bye for now,


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