Private Health Insurance – a Government Funded Fraud

Good morning readers,

Health insurance – maybe not what it is made out to be – what a surprise!

A number of years ago, then Liberal Government, Led by PM John Howard, introduced policies that forced people to invest in private health insurance.

Financial penalties were created for those who chose not to join, and levies (in the form of increased Medicare Levies) were imposed on those who joined later than age 30.

At the time, it seemed fairly obvious to me that the Liberal Government were attempting to privatise the health system, and destroy our (largely) publicly funded system. A system that was one of the best in the world, and one that many countries envied.

It didn’t help that we had a few ministers suggesting that every Australian should have private health insurance. What appeared to be a clear indication of their intent!

The Government also decided to start funding private health insurance, by providing rebates to those who had, or took up, private health insurance.

Unfortunately this Liberal Government has also started to de-fund our public health system, to the tune of billions of dollars per year in cuts.

As time has gone by, private health insurance has become more lucrative – for investors that is. Premiums have continued to go up each year (above inflation), and the Government of the day has continued to prop up the industry by a rate of 30% of almost all premiums.

One could construe from this that, 30% of all dividends given to shareholders are from taxpayers! But perhaps that is too cynical.

Interestingly there have been some recent cases brought to the media, where insurance companies have denied claims, through deceptive clauses and complex examination of cases. Of course this was done through medicos appointed by the insurance company, and allegedly pressured to present examination reports in the insurance company’s favour.

The media have also found that there was generally harsh or deceptive treatment of claimants, so that the claimants would simply walk away – because it was just too difficult to fight. One media report can be seen below, but significant numbers of others have been noted.

CommInsure, run by the Commonwealth Bank in Australia, was the main insurer focused on in this instance; but there are other insurers (and those who use CommInsure as an underwriter to their own policies).

This should come as no surprise, as insurers (and banks) are there to make money for shareholders – aren’t they? So denying as many claims as possible is in their best interest.

What is interesting about this, is that a review of my own Health Insurance Policy, provided by Defence Health, indicated quite clearly, that

…pre-existing conditions are not covered. That …a medico appointed by the insurer, may be used to examine all cases… The clauses also state that even if the condition wasn’t obvious previously… it could still be construed as pre-existing.


If I just reflect on my own situation, considering that I have significant pre-existing health problems, what do you think the chances are that my current insurer will suggest that some future claim is due to a pre-existing medical condition.

Sounds highly likely to me, particularly considering the media exposure of the CommInsure cases.

Reading between the lines of these clauses, and reading the cases presented by the media, it would appear that almost anything could be construed as pre-existing.

Unfortunately these insurers have been allowed to decide what they do or don’t cover.

If they aren’t going to cover all of the medical claims that are being presented to them, then what exactly is the point in having private health insurance.

Isn’t Private Health Insurance there to insure against ill health, regardless of the reasons?

Not only is private health insurance becoming ridiculously expensive, we now find that we may not be covered by them in many circumstances.


Combinded images from:

So what is the point in being a part of this:

Government Funded Fraud!


Be wary of your insurer, check out your insurance policy in advance, you might be sadly surprised to find out that you aren’t actually covered for anything at all!


Food for thought,

Bye for now,




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Good morning readers,

Well I was lying in bed with a bit of a fever, and just could not settle my mind or body – it didn’t help that I was hot and then cold – continually, or had a bad headache – oh stop whinging!

So what better way to settle one’s mind than being creative with a blog post!

I thought that I would write a little piece on reflection.

No… not what I see in the mirror each morning!

Combined images from: and

What I am talking about is thinking about our actions, our thoughts, or our feelings.

The other day I was reading and commenting on a post by a fellow blogger, who’s had it tough in recent years. The post I am referring to is about moderating comments on her blog.

I wanted to comment on her blog, because I wanted to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings; and not just on her post.

Many of us wander aimlessly through life, oblivious to what is actually going on in our head. Why we act in a certain way, or why or behaviour can be so bad; why we are victims, or rescuers.

Some of us occasionally stop and think! Why did I do that? Could I have handled that better? Or more importantly, why did that person arouse such feelings in me?

And no, I am not talking about that sort of feeling!


I am thinking more about how we respond to other people’s behaviour or feelings.

The way we feel about someone’s behaviour, often results in us behaving in a particular way – in response. Sometimes this is a conditioned response!

A common statement by people who abuse others is “She made me do it”, or “he made me angry”…

… you’ve heard them all …

Let’s just create a fictional circumstance. Two men are in an argument and a brawl ensues. At the completion of the brawl, with two bloody and broken men, one guy says to bystanders “he was asking for it”.

Who was the cause of this situation? The first person who punched, or the person who punched last? Perhaps the first person to start yelling?

or perhaps…. both of them?

Certainly I would find it unbelievable if anyone would actually want to get beaten; which would make the statement of “he was asking for it” somewhat questionable.

But… what caused the person to hit the other. His anger? Rage? Perhaps he was just having a bad day?

Do YOU reflect on why you react, write, or respond in certain ways?

When you last got angry with your partner, did you reflect on the conversation/argument?

Did you blame the other person, as so often happens?

Did you consider that maybe you were both… wrong … or did you just say “yeah he says that all the time. I’m sick of his shit!”. Or something similar.

What was it that caused those emotions to arise?

You see, no single person has the power to control us.

In other words, when someone says “she made me angry”, can we actually say that this is the case?

Is it possible for the other person to make us say something, make us act in a particular way? Did someone get into your head and waggle your tongue for your? Perhaps they grabbed hold of your arm for you and swung it at themselves?

No! It is not possible. In fact it sounds a bit ludicrous don’t you think?

So why did you act in that way. What feelings arose in you that caused you to respond in that way?


We are in control of every action, reaction or behaviour that we exhibit. Our behaviour is a definitive response to the way we feel.

When we get angry, it is because we choose to!

I am not suggesting that this is a conscious response, though it might be.

We may have learned it by watching our parents, reacting to bullies in the playground, or cultured it. Maybe it has been nurtured due to unfortunate circumstances.

Whatever the case, it is still OUR action. We own it. No-one has made us act in that way, it is our choice, even if it isn’t a conscious choice!

However, we can change the way we act, react or behave.

One of the ways that we can do this is by reflecting. It isn’t easy, and it takes courage and honesty.

In order to look deep into yourself and question your actions, you are going to have to be motivated. More importantly you have to take ownership of your actions or behaviour.

I said those nasty things.

I punched that guy.

I got angry when that person made a mistake.

I” own it! “I” did it! It was MY reaction!


Can you do that?


There is little point in owning your behaviour, if you have no willingness to then review what caused the situation in the first place. You must reflect on it.

You see, while owning your behaviour is critical in changing it, if you cannot review your behaviour, then there is little point!

This review of your behaviour is called reflection!


Ah… No, not that type of reflection!

But for those who just love taking selfies…
…perhaps that in itself needs some reflection 🙂

If you review what the causes of your behaviour are, you then have a chance of changing it.Sometimes we need professional help!

But, as mentioned, that requires honesty, motivation and the willingness to change.

One warning!

Beware of falling into the trap of blaming the other person. This is an escape from taking responsibility for your own actions! It is definitely NOT reflecting!

Even if the other person was silly, it is your choice to react the way that you do – and that is what you are reflecting on!

Well it is now 02:20 (that is AM), and I need to reflect on why I just had to do this right NOW!!!

I will probably be too awake to try to go back to sleep. Another blog anyone?…

I hope you enjoyed it!

Bye for now,




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Woolworths treats staff like shit!

Good afternoon readers,

I thought I would share this story about how Woolworths Australia seems to be treating its staff.

Woolworths treats its employees like shit!A friend of mine, who works for Woolworths in NSW, has just told me that when they recently returned from holidays, that Woolworths’ senior staff had allegedly disposed of all of the employees lockers – even though personal equipment of some employees was still in it!!!

Management allegedly DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT about the personal items inside!!!

My friend lost their brand new work boots and prescription reading glasses.

Apparently the boots that were in the lockers, were also essential safety equipment!!!

It would be interesting to see what would happen should an accident occur and this friend didn’t have their safety boots on?

That would be a litigation nightmare seeing that Woolworths’ themselves had unlawfully disposed of them!

Bring it on – you arrogant fools!
(as you can see, I’m a bit pissed off too)

What’s more, when this friend approached senior staff members, they allegedly shrugged their shoulders and then demanded receipts for the personal items that were in the lockers.

If this doesn’t clearly express the contempt with which senior staff of Woolworths treats employees, nothing will!

What sort of an arse-hole company does that to their staff. One that is losing money? Woolworths has just made record losses, and is closing a hardware chain – that was always set for failure anyway.


One could construe that this is also a WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) issue now!!! Safety boots are worn for a reason, and if management has thrown them out and the staff becomes injured… Seems like a litigation case in waiting.

Personally, I would have demanded immediate replacement, or not returned to work on WHS grounds. I would then contact Fair Work Australia, who have tight controls over what employers and employees can do. I would then immediately phone the union and sit on my hands until the safety equipment has returned.

You see, both employer and employee have WHS obligations, and that is that safety equipment must be worn when required. If management have deliberately thrown out personal protective equipment (PPE), then they are potentially liable for any accidents that occur.


No wonder the company is in limbo, losing money, losing patronage.

Hmmm… Considering that Woolworths is in such a bad financial state, treating good reliable staff with such contempt is hardly conducive to satisfied and productive workers.

What happens when you treat your workers like this? Your workers aren’t likely to be nice in return – apparently it is something that Woolworths just can’t seem to understand!

Moronic Dimwits!

This sort of contempt seems to be becoming more common in corporate Australia – unfortunately!

I might note: this style of contempt shown towards staff, appears to be quite typical of Woolworths – I hear lots of stories.

It is another reason why I will continue to boycott Woolworths and deal with another company like Aldi, Coles and IGA. Not that they don’t have their own issues too!

If you treat your staff like shit, I can only hope you fail!

Up yours Woolworths! You deserve everything you get in return!

Share this if you think Woolworths should be held to account for this abuse of workers rights.

By for now,


#Woolworths #FuckWoolworths #WoolworthsMustFall

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Climate and religion

Hello readers,

I thought that I would have an online chuckle about a letter that I have just written on climate change. The newspaper in question is the local rag – The Weekly Times (TWT).

Quite frankly, based on the quality of news within, it isn’t even good enough to wipe my arse on! But that is a bit coarse isn’t it 🙂 ho hum.

While some of you might not agree with my statements, and some might disagree with my questioning of religion, there is something to think about in this post… Well in my distorted view of the world anyway 🙂

Like so many people in the world, the editor of TWT, seems to be steadfast in his belief that climate change isn’t occurring. He appears to cherry pick information that confirms his opinion, but refuses to acknowledge other facts that refute his claims… So be it. And he keeps publishing his BS in his newspaper – arrogantly – even though it often doesn’t make any sense. I guess that is his right – or is it! Oh this is very annoyingly philosophical, so early in the argument 🙂

Recently he appeared to claim that because we had massive rainfall in NSW (Australia), that climate change wasn’t occurring. However he failed to recognise, that at the same time we had record heat waves in other states – and not for the first time!

The next week we had some religious nutter telling us that ‘we need to leave it in God’s hands’, or some such rubbish.

What continues to astound me, is that in the face of continuing presentation of evidence, these people just stick their head in the sand and whinge, while other parts of the world burn, flood or are cyclone torn! Bizarre!

After this idiotic letter by the raving religious fanatic, I felt compelled to respond. The following is my letter to the editor of TWT, with just a few notes – names removed for privacy.

Of course the editor of TWT might not publish it – he often doesn’t – I guess it is just too confronting, and contradicts his opinion. Perhaps we’ll leave it up to the bananas – B1 and B2 – to decided…. oh darn – that is just too damned cryptic! 

Read on…


Dear editor [of TWT],

Having read the last two weeks of dribble, from those blind to the understanding that our climate is changing, I must say that I am a little confused.

B1, you recently implied that because of massive rainfall in NSW, that climate change wasn’t occurring? No doubt you will claim this week that climate change isn’t occurring because the US had massive snow falls. [the east coast in particular just had massive snow falls] What is astounding is that you will conveniently ignore the fact that NASA has just found that the earth has warmed by 0.9°C. [considering the world has just decided to keep warming to under 2°C, we are already half way there – very concerning]

Unfortunately at the same time as massive rainfalls were occurring in NSW, we had record breaking heat waves in other states. I guess you just forgot to acknowledge that in your attack on scientists? Or perhaps you are confused with the difference between climate and weather?

Perhaps you can then explain, in scientific terms, how a weather event, such as massive rainfall, proves that climate change doesn’t exist?

Then there was last week’s ludicrous statement from B2, who somehow believes that we should leave it in the hands of “God”, as somehow God will fix it for us.

[We could of course go into a scientific discussion about God, presenting evidence here and there, but that is beyond the scope of this discussion – unfortunately]

I suppose we should reflect on this for just a moment…

The analysis

If God invented man, then God invented scientists! If God invented scientists, then God gave them the skills to rigorously analyse and interpret data, and to come to a conclusion that climate change was occurring; more importantly, that it is man made – largely through self interest, greed and arrogance.

[I haven’t even gone into the possibility that God has encouraged us to educate ourselves and better ourselves for all of mankind. God must have created language, maths, and science… otherwise why would we have it? – perhaps this discussion too, is best left for another time…]

So…… If God has created scientists, and of course given them the skills to determine that climate change is occurring, then aren’t scientists effectively using a skill, given to them by God, for just this purpose? Therefore, effectively, isn’t God telling us that climate change is occurring – caused by man – and that we have to act?


In summary

One conclusion that could be construed from this argument, is that God has told us that we need to act on climate change, because God has given the precious gift of science to man – just for this very purpose.

Perhaps we can then suggest, that it is the arrogance of some of “man”, to continue to deny what God has given man – science – and instead continue to stick their head in the sand and remain arrogantly steadfast – even in the face of evidence?

In conclusion

I would suggest to those who continue to try to cherry pick, and deny climate change, that sticking your head in the sand and repeating a mantra that it doesn’t exist, doesn’t make it go away! Perhaps it is just the “Devil” who makes you believe, and publish, such rubbish, and deny science that, in essence, God gave us!

Good luck with that – let me know how it works for you!

end of letter…


Well on that note, it’s time to go do something constructive at 11pm at night.

bye for now 🙂


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A Hardly Normal response!

LemonDear readers,

Following on from the lounge suite saga:

A Harvey Norman representative did contact me via email, essentially indicating that the cables for the lounge suite only had a one year warranty, and that the client would have to pay nearly $50 each for the two cables; then they would have to pay someone to install them, a sum that could amount to around $200.

A repair bill that could amount to up to one tenth the purchase price of the lounge suite. (the cables cost $6 each from eBay I might add – just a “tiny” markup)

As included in the previous blog (link above), under Australian consumer law, products must be fit for purpose, and if there are exclusions within a warranty, it is a requirement for this to be fully disclosed under Australian consumer law.

The client has indicated to me, that they weren’t informed that the cables in their $2000 lounge suite might fail shortly after 12 months, and that a repair of this might cost up to $200.

To be fair to Harvey Norman, the lounge is now just over 2 years old, but according to the client, the cables failed at around 18 months. The client had lost the receipt, and had no way of verifying purchase – and didn’t know that they could – until I took on the case and contacted Harvey Norman in their interest.

A lounge suite that costs $2000, should have parts that last a bit longer. If it doesn’t, then a suitable disclaimer and bold print should clearly indicate this. Failure to do so, could be construed as a breach of consumer law!

I stand by my professional opinion, as a repairer of decades, that the cables are not fit for purpose. There is either too much load for them to last long enough, or the design of the lounge suite is inadequate for the cable used. I suggest that they have failed due to either poor design, poor manufacturing, or poor quality.

You be the judge. What do you think of Harvey Norman’s claims. How will this influence your future lounge purchase, or will it?

Do you want a supplier who stands by their product and supports you afterwards, or do you want a supplier to walk away and avoid dealing with, what could be seen as, an early failure?

Would you be happy having to fork out one tenth of the cost of the lounge suite every two years for a repair?

My personal opinion, I wouldn’t buy from a re-seller like Harvey Norman. Prices are elevated to pay for the profit margins of the importer, manufacturer, and the re-seller. Hence why a $400 Chinese lounge suite costs $2000 in Harvey Norman. Then if there are any problems, you have to deal with the re-seller and/or the importer to seek repair. Then if this fails, you are left with a $2000 lemon, or take legal action!

But wait there is the “internet” to spread the word. 🙂

well that’s it folks,

bye for now,




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Harvey Norman Lounge failure

Good morning readers,

A Hardly Normal lounge suite saga 🙂


I thought I would share a little story about a client’s lounge suite that I had to work on recently.

The lounge suite was bought from Harvey Norman in Tweed Heads in NSW Australia. The lounge suite was imported by “Coral Bay East Coast Pty Ltd” based in Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia, but was manufactured in China. There is no indication of whether Coral Bay is the designer, or if they just remarket a Chinese product.

The problem that I found with this lounge suite, was that the cables that operated the recliner function had failed. This had apparently occurred not much later than the 12 month warranty that Harvey Norman indicated applied to the lounge suite.

I was surprised that the cables had failed. Those of you who have ever worked on a bicycle, would be aware of the type of cables that I am talking about. See the following picture.

Bike Cable

The knob at the end of this cable (as above), associated with the recliner function, had completely come off – on both cables! The outcome of this was that the recliner function no longer worked.

Upon review of this lounge suite, it was quite obvious what the problem was immediately. When you pulled on the trigger to operate the recliner, nothing happened because the head had come completely off the cable.

In my opinion, the cables were not fit for purpose. Either the loading on the cables to operate the recliner function was too great, or the cables were of a poor quality.

Either way, the client was left with a lounge suite that no longer operated.

Harvey Norman was contacted by the owner to tell them of the fault, and their response was to buy two more cables and then pay someone to install them. The cost of this would likely amount to several hundred dollars in total.

I might point out that under Australian Consumer Law:



Since 1 January 2011, the following consumer guarantees on products and services apply.

Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:
•safe, lasting, with no faults
•look acceptable
•do all the things someone would normally expect them to do.

Acceptable quality takes into account what would normally be expected for the type of product and cost.


Under “Australian” consumer law, products are expected to last a reasonable length of time, which can be indicated by the cost and type of item.

Where to now?

According to the ACCC, if you product fails, there are three steps by which you can try to seek rectification of your fault.

Step 1—Contact the seller,
Step 2—Contact the ACCC or another third part (in NSW we also have The Department of Fair Trading for example)
Step 3—Take legal action

…see the pdf form ACCC listed above for a description of the steps…

One would hope that simply contacting the seller, perhaps after seeking help from Fair Trading or the ACCC, the seller would come to some compromise… but not always!

I might point out, that the above document also suggests that you can seek repairs from another person, and request that the seller reimburse you. Though I am not sure how far that would get you.

My thoughts:

Perhaps Harvey Normal and Coral Bay East Coast believe that paying over $2000 for a lounge suite obliges them to provide a product that is expected to be repaired or replaced after 12 months.

Which seems to be the case in this instance.

I believe that the cables have failed due to either poor manufacturing, or a cable that is not suitable for the loads placed upon it. I therefore put it to both Harvey Normal and Coral Bay, that their product is NOT up to a suitable standard to be marketed at that price.

Perhaps a product that lasts less than two years might be more suitable to a price range of perhaps less than $400.

I would personally recommend a close scrutiny of lounges and their warranty if you are considering buying from both Harvey Norman, and its supplier Coral Bay East Coast Pty Ltd.

While the lounge seems reasonable from initial appearances, and short term use, longer term use shows a quality that might appear to be substandard. At the least, there appears to be some parts that are substandard.

The suite in question was similar to the:
Sirocco Corner range, the
Argos Modular range, the
Sophia range, the
Marco range, the
Bourbon range, the
Barnsbury range, the
Kato range, and others.

The lounge suite had a small lever release for the recliner on two chairs (operated with fingers on the side of the chair, the cables attached to this is what failed); it was a light brown fabric lounge with two flip top boxes and  two pairs of cup holders. It was in an L shaped modular format. Under the foot rest (when in recliner mode) the suite was branded with “Coral Bay East Coast Pty Ltd – Castle Hill”.

As many of you live in Australia, and/or buy lounges from Harvey Norman, it would be wise to review their terms and conditions, and their warranties before deciding to spend $2000 plus on a lounge suite that they don’t want to take responsibility for.

As I was reasonably disgusted with Harvey Norman’s response, I have also written a review on You can find it at:

Note: Apparently the review that I posted didn’t comply with product review terms and conditions. Even though my review was acceptable in content, as I was not the purchaser, but writing on behalf of someone else, the review didn’t comply. My client (the purchaser) is going to write a response, which I will place here later.

Well that’s it folks. Hopefully those of you who are looking at buying a lounge suite will consider the issues raised before buying. Particularly before buying from Harvey Norman – or as I like to call them “Hardly Normal”.

Bye for now 🙂


PS: I have forwarded this link to Harvey Normal for their comment. We’ll see if they come to the party and repair my client’s lounge suite 🙂


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HappinessTaken and modified from

Good afternoon readers 🙂

A bit of philosophy for the day.

A situation occurred this morning that I thought deserved a short blog about.

I have apparently thrown something out that belonged to someone, and it had sentimental value to them. I have no recollection of doing so, nor was I aware of the sentimental value to this person.

If I did throw it out, perhaps to me it was simply an object taking up space, but to the other person it was a valuable heirloom that was precious. As a result of apparently throwing this object out, this person now appears to be quite angry with me, even though the object itself had no intrinsic value.

This situation reminded me of discussions I have had with friends some years ago, that involved happiness and objects.

Happiness – a state of mind

In the western world, where we accumulate many objects, we often cling to them in the false belief that those objects will bring us happiness. I note false here, because the objects themselves can’t bring us happiness, because happiness is a state of mind and comes entirely from within our mind.

So, if happiness can only come from within our mind, how is it possible that an object can possibly make us happy. More importantly, if happiness can only come from within our mind, why is it that we cling to these objects so tightly in the false belief that they will bring us, or maintain, our happiness.

Going back to my situation: The person, whose object I appear to have thrown out, appears to be extremely angry that the object has been thrown out. Does this imply that objects can also bring us “anger”? But isn’t anger also just a state of mind?

I guess another question we should ask is, how can an object make us angry if it is supposed to make us happy?

Yes sure, you can say that the person is angry with big bad ME, but it is over an object – isn’t it? So therefore isn’t it the object that has caused the anger arise?

Do objects make us happy?

Let’s look at some other examples from our everyday life, to demonstrate how ludicrous our attachment to objects is. More importantly, let’s reflect on how objects can bring us misery.

We purchase an expensive dinner set. We are very happy, because the object is very beautiful and we enjoy using it. But… we worry that it might get damaged if we drop a plate, or chip it washing up. If we, or someone else, does actually break a plate, we might even feel distraught, upset, or even angry!

So while we feel happy with our purchase, we also feel anxious that it might get damaged. We think that we will be happy with the dinner set, but we also feel anxious, or may even become angry as well. Has the object brought us happiness, or has it brought us anxiety ? Perhaps the object might even make us angry!

We have a precious family heirloom that has been handed down to us from a family member. We look after it carefully and place it into a special cabinet. But our child, while running, knocks the cabinet and the heirloom falls over and smashes. We become upset because we have broken a sentimental piece that brought us such joy when we looked upon it and remembered our family member.

But in actual fact the object has now brought us sadness because it is broken, and we might even be angry at our child! Has the object brought us happiness, or anger?

We purchase an expensive drawing (or painting) that we admire and enjoy its appearance. We place it carefully away (because of it’s value) so that it doesn’t get damaged, but insects damage it irreparably and we must throw it away. We are dreadfully upset and angry that this could have happened, particularly as it had been so expensive.

Has the object brought us anger and sadness? But wasn’t it meant to bring us joy?

While these examples are largely fictional, most of us have experienced this sort of occurrence at some time in our life. While we can say that possessing these objects did appear to bring us “momentary” happiness, the objects also brought us anxiety, anger and sadness.

Didn’t they?

Have the objects themselves brought us anxiety, anger and sadness?

State of mind

Aren’t these emotions just another state of mind – like happiness? Have the objects themselves caused us to feel so dreadful?


Perhaps the cause of our unhappiness, when they break, get lost, or are thrown away, is because we cling to them, because we are attached to them, in the false belief that they will somehow bring us happiness?

Perhaps our life somehow feels less full because we have lost this precious item that was somehow meant to provide us happiness – into eternity?

Objects change with time; they degrade, break, or are lost. Should we cling to them as they were, and feel angry that they have changed.

Some say that everything is impermanent, and that nothing remains the same!

Perhaps if we learn to be more flexible, and less attached, we will not feel such loss or anger when our objects break or are lost.

A tree that does not bend with the wind will break – will it not?

Final thoughts – reflection

Why is it that some of the poorest people in the world, are the most happy?

Why is it that some of the wealthiest countries have some of the most unhappy people?

In conclusion

Objects are simply objects; perhaps just a tool to do something – a dinner plate is to eat off. They have no intrinsic ability to make us happy – or for that matter, unhappy.

If we remain attached to our possessions, and see them as a source of happiness, perhaps they will only cause us pain and suffering – Like the rigid tree that will eventually break in the wind!

Will you still cling to your precious dinner plate?

Or will I give you a hammer 🙂

Bye for now,


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Abbott is GONE !!!

We have a new Prime Minister in Australia…… Again

Abbott is gone, Abbott is Gone, Abbott is GONE!!!

Woohoo 🙂

Most people in Australia would have heard last night, that our Prime Minister was ousted by the Communication’s Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Those that didn’t wait holding their breath last night, would have found out the surprise this morning.

Malcolm Turnbull to be Sworn in as PM
Malcolm Turnbull to be sworn in as new PM

While we still have an ultra conservative Liberal Government in office, it would appear that we now have a new Prime Minister….. Again!

Amusingly this is the fifth Prime Minister in Five years, and a clear indication of how unstable our political system is in Australia.

All I can say is, thank goodness he is gone, as he was a buffoon. However many of his ministry, who are also buffoons, remain.

Unfortunately it will make it less likely that we will dispose of the Liberal National Party Coalition in the next election, as I feel that Malcom Turnbull (now PM) will have a stronger standing in the community. That will mean that the public will less likely vote him out.

It will be amusing to find out how the Liberal’s, having harangued the Labor Party for ousting their sitting PM (twice), will substantiate their decision to depose theirs 🙂 !

Looking forward to the pathetic banter in Question Time in parliament 🙂 !

A short one for today, so that’s it for now.

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Petition to remove Peter Dutton from office

Hello readers,

I thought I would pass this petition on. It is a petition to have Immigration Minister Peter Dutton removed from office.

Petition to remove Peter Dutton from office

I felt that as I had just written about Peter Dutton and Prime Minister Tony Abbot’s idiotic comments (Kiribati president lashes Peter Dutton for ‘vulgar’ Joke), I thought that this petition was right up that alley.

Please sign it, and share it with as many people as you can. Even if it doesn’t see Dutton removed from office (which is highly unlikely), it will at least have an impact all around the world.

Many in the world already know that PM Abbott is a fool, but now we need the world to see that his whole Government are a bunch of imbeciles who shouldn’t be in Power!


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Kiribati president lashes Peter Dutton for ‘vulgar’ joke

Good morning readers,

I wanted to comment on this particular article which the ABC reported on this morning. It is a short conversation that occurred between our current (as of 2015) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Kiribati President lashes Peter Dutton for sea levels joke

While having a candid conversation, neither of these two realised that they were being recorded, with the outcome being a recording of the true mentality of these two imbeciles.

An excerpt of the comments made:

Noting that a meeting was running late, Mr Dutton remarked it was running to “Cape York time”, to which Mr Abbott replied: “We had a bit of that up in Port Moresby.”

[This statement from both demonstrate the contempt that these two have for other people, cultures and nations.]

Mr Dutton then quipped: “Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door.”

[And this statement from Dutton, demonstrates sheer ignorance of the situation these small island nations face, and shows contempt and a lack of morality.”?]

Perhaps both of them have just forgotten the fact that they are supposed to be “World Leaders”

What is so revealing about this short conversation, is that they have shown the contempt that this Australian Government holds for both climate change, and the plight of small island nations around the world that are being afflicted by climate change.

And we haven’t even started to discuss the pathetic emission reduction targets.

Those of us who have watched politics closely for decades, would be well aware that this Government was formed and elected on the back of an anti-climate change agenda. This was in part funded by the mining lobby (I understand the mining lobby donated over $1M for the election campaign to the Liberal Party).

Tony Abbott (before being elected as Prime Minister) was put into the position of Party Leader, after the former Liberal Opposition Leader espoused his believe in Climate Change. That man, Malcolm Turnbull was pushed to the side-line by the powerful climate change sceptics within his party (and externally by those with vested interests in maintaining the status quo).

I think that it is fair to say, there appears to be a majority within the current Liberal Government who are climate change sceptics. The outcome of this accident, was in my view a demonstration of the arrogance and immoral beliefs held about the plight of those in island nations, and to climate change in general, by this Government.

The fact that these two were having a candid conversation, and were accidentally caught out, resulted in what could be construed as true feelings held by the two. I believe it clearly demonstrates a small mindedness, sheer arrogance, and a limited capacity for this Government to operate in a real world context.

I believe that it demonstrates that some, perhaps many within parliament, are lacking in appropriate morals and values. But then we only need to look at question time, to truly see their immaturity. They are quite pathetic really!

If this were the behaviour of any senior company representative, they would either be sacked, or forced to resign. For it to have occurred by both the Australian Prime Minister, and the Immigration Minister – some could arguably say the most senior people in Australia – it is reprehensible, and a clear demonstration of very inadequate leadership; let alone a very limited mental capacity.

I can only hope that further bad press is receive around the world, to show the world what an idiot Government we currently have, and that the views held by these idiots are not necessarily the views held by Australian Citizens.

The comments by these two, makes me feel like I am living in a tiny little banana republic, run by IDIOTS.

Oh…. but wait, we ARE!!!

That’s it for now!


PS: The definition for a Banana Republic:
A Banana republic is a term generally used for a politically unstable country, whose economy is largely dependent on exporting a limited-resource product – in Australia’s case mining and farming. It typically has stratified social classes (Australia is often said to have low, middle and upper classes), including a large, impoverished working class (rapidly becoming more impoverished) and a ruling plutocracy (the wealthy group of citizens who have gained/maintained their wealth through connection to parliament). This plutocracy controls the primary-sector productions to exploit the country’s economy. [adapted from Wikipedia]

As an aside, the Washington Post recently did an analysis, and found that 20% of the wealthiest individuals in Australia, had connections to parliament. An Australian study found that 80% of the wealthiest individuals in Australia had connections to parliament.

Australia’s Plutocracy – From the ABC

So I would suggest that we have a Plutocracy – an undemocratic society based on selling… bananas?


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Windows 10 – Problems – DVD, CD-ROM not detected

Good morning readers,

I have decided to write something totally different for a change (again apparently).

Win 10 LogoFor those who have a Windows operating system, particularly windows 8, 8.1, or 7, you would might be aware that you will have a chance (if you haven’t already) to upgrade to the new Windows 10 operating system for free. Yes folks, a free-be from Microsoft!

As a former IT support technician, I thought that I would detail one of the issues that I have had with this upgrade, because it was an important one.

Notes on my upgrade:

I have upgraded from Windows 7 Professional, to Windows 10 Professional.

I have undertaken a clean installation of Windows 10, NOT an “upgrade” as such. There is a subtle difference, but an important difference between the two.

A clean installation creates a new installation of Windows, and you must reinstall all of the programmes that you were using previously.

If you decide to carry out an “upgrade”, all of the programmes you are currently using in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, will remain, and you will be able to use your Windows 10, without any further installation – at least in theory.

Historically, I have found that an “upgrade” often results in a buggy operation of both the new Windows version and/or the installed programmes. There could be many reasons for this including a carry-over of corrupt files from the previous version of Windows, or a carry-over of incorrect registry entries or system settings. The outcome of course is a system that doesn’t always work correctly.

Apparently, from reading literature on the Windows 10 upgrade there is less likelihood of this, however I personally would not use the upgrade method.

If you choose to carry out a clean install of Windows 10, you WILL require installation media for your programmes, or you downloaded installation files AND your product keys or registration data. If you don’t have this information and you choose to carry out a clean install, you may not be able to get the previously installed programmes to work again.


While I have had quite a few issues with this upgrade, most have been rectified post installation. These have been resolved by researching other people’s issues with Windows 10 (or perhaps Windows 8/8.1) on the web following the Windows 10 upgrade.

I can’t remember all of the issues that I have encountered following the installation of Windows 10, but the most recent one, and fairly important one, was the inability of the Windows 10 OS (Operating System) to detect and load the drivers for my DVD drive.

Before I begin this tutorial, if you have a symptom of a DVD drive not working in Windows 10, you should only make the repair at the end of this tutorial, if your symptoms are identical to mine, otherwise you risk corrupting your registry.


Did your DVD/CD-ROM work before the upgrade?

I am absolutely certain that my DVD/CD-ROM drive was working prior to my upgrade to Windows 10 Professional. I know this because I created an ISO image of Windows 10 prior to upgrading!

So… it isn’t a faulty DVD/CD-ROM drive (or is less likely to be).

Therefore, to investigate what might be causing this, I reviewed the detected (and mounted) drives in Disk Management.

Disk Management review

Right click on the Windows icon StartMenuIcon (formerly known as the “Start Menu” located at the bottom Left corner – perhaps it still is known as the Start Menu – who knows???) and select Disk Management. This is what you will see if you DVD drive isn’t found.


While your system will look different to mine, essentially you should see at least 1 hard disk. Please note however, that I have edited the above image to remove other hard drives (and partitions) that would normally show up on my system. This is to present a picture of a basic computer system (with only one hard drive) that most users might own.

Notice in the bottom pane, you can see “Disk 0”, but no DVD or CD-ROM device listed. (if you view the picture at the bottom of this document, you will see the difference once the system repair has been carried out).

If you DO see a DVD/CD-ROM device listed below “Disk 0”, then the problem described in this tutorial is NOT suitable for you, and you should review other documents found online to find your solution – sorry 🙂 .

Device Manager review

Now you should check the Device Manager to verify if the device driver is loading.

Right click on the Windows icon StartMenuIcon and select Device Manager. This is what you will see if you DVD device isn’t loaded.

Device Manager - DVD Missing

If your device were loaded, you would see an entry that said “DVD/CD-ROM Drives”. Note that there is no entry in this window. (if you look at the picture at the bottom of this document, you will see the difference once we make the system repair).

Again, if you DO see a DVD/CD-ROM device listed below “Disk 0”, then the problem described in this tutorial is NOT suitable for you, and you should review other documents found online to find your solution – sorry 🙂 .

Confirmed – or is it?

So, we now know that our DVD/CD-ROM device isn’t loading, what do we do about it?

While there are many possible reasons why a device isn’t loading, the problem (at least in my system) was a missing registry entry. I find this rather bizarre as this was a clean install of an operating system.

But wait….. I remember that the DVD device was working initially as I was able to install applications from disk after the upgrade to Windows 10.

Hmmm… room for thought there… Perhaps a Windows 10 update has caused this… who knows!

Searching the technical documents on the web, I came across a registry modification that might rectify this error. After reading the document, I was able to review my registry entries, to verify if the “Key” and “REG-DWORD” were either visible or absent.

Both were absent on my system.

Verify your Registry

To verify if your system is missing these important registry entries, follow these steps.

Left click on the Windows icon StartMenuIcon, select All Apps All Apps, scroll to Windows System Wiindows System, select run Run.

In the run box, type “regedit” and hit enter. A “User Access Control” dialogue box may appear asking your permission to continue.

User Access Control dialogue box

Select yes to allow registry editor to run. You will now be able to see a window such as shown below.

Registry Editor with correct Key and DWordI have already navigated to the relevant key to demonstrate what the correct “Key” and “REG-DWORD” should look like. Follow the next instructions to determine if your key/Dword, are absent or not.


On the left hand pane of registry editor select:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => System => CurrentControlSet => Services => atapi

As per these images.

Registry screen shot #1

Registry screen shot 2

After you click on atapi, you should be presented with a window that looks similar to the very bottom image above. (or the first full screen shot of the registry)

Yes… Confirmation

If your registry entry is missing, you will NOT see the key “Controller0” [yes that is a zero]in the left pane, and therefore you will not have the entry “EnumDevice1” [yes that is a one] as a “REG_DWORD” entry.

(the image above shows what you should see as the entry for the DVD/CD-ROM device).

In my case the “Key” and “REG-DWORD” were absent, I therefore believed that there was a registry error that was not allowing the device to be loaded on starting the system.

Warning Will Robinson… Warning!

if you aren’t old enough to know that phrase, search for it…. 🙂

If, and only if, you have verified all of the above, and your registry does NOT have this entry, should you continue with the following steps to rectify this problem.

PLEASE NOTE: Modifying the registry, can have unexpected results. Only if you are confident with registry editing (which can damage your system), should you try this fix.

Make a “Restore Point”

Before making any system modifications, you should carry-out a “Restore Point”.

Right click on the Windows icon StartMenuIcon and select Control Panel. If you see a window the same as this:

Control Panel

Click on the down arrow beside “Category”, select Small Icons (or large if you prefer). Click “Recovery”. You will now see the following window:

Recovery Window

Now click on “Configure System Restore”. You will now see the following window:

System Restore dialogue box

Check to make sure that “Protection Settings” for “Local Disk (C:) (System)” is set to “On”. (If your system is on a different disk, you will have to look for the disk that shows “(System)” beside it and verify that Protection is “On” for that disk).

Now you should click on the “Create” button. Type in a suitable name (something that makes sense like the following)

Restore Point dialogue boxNow click create. Follow any further commands that you are presented with (I personally didn’t carry out this step as I know how to edit the registry manually and safely), so I wasn’t able to create any more screen shots for you, sorry 🙂 .

If you require further information on creating a restore point, a full description can be found on Microsoft’s website or within your system’s help files.

Now what?

Now that we have created a restore point, and backed up our system, we can apply the “fix” to the registry. Follow the steps below.

Left click on the Start Menu StartMenuIcon, select All Apps All Apps, scroll to Windows System Wiindows System, select run Run.

Type the following accurately.

reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001

Please note the numbers NOT letters as follows (just in case you are a computer novice or are unsure): Controller[zero], EnumDevice[one], 0x00000001 [seven zeros and a single one].

VERIFY that you have entered the above code correctly. If it is incorrect, you will have to manually edit the registry to correct your mistake. I have NOT covered that possibility in this tutorial – I hope that you can type accurately and check your spelling BEFORE you hit the Enter key.

If you are confident with editing the registry manually, you can of course create a key “Conroller0” under “atapi”, and then create a “REG_DWORD” with the data “0x00000001” (in Hex) or “1” (in Decimal). That is how I did it…

After typing that into your run box, (you can also copy and paste), check… double check… and if necessary, put your glasses on and triple check!!! Now hit “Enter”.

I’m being cheeky 🙂

Restart and check that it works!

Please restart your computer and verify that your DVD drive (or CD-ROM), has loaded correctly by reviewing the steps above for Device Manager, and/or Disk Management.

They should now look something like this:


Disk Management with DVD/CD-ROM shown in the bottom pane. Note: If a DVD or CD were loaded into the tray of the DVD/CD-ROM drive, an entry in the top pane would be visible, showing: Type, File System, Status, Capacity etc.; but in this example, I did not have a DVD or CD loaded

Device Manager with DVD loaded

Device manager now showing correctly loaded “DVD/CD-ROM Drives”. Shown below the “Display adapters” entry on this system.

If you have verified that the DVD/CD-ROM device is loaded (as per the above images), I would then suggest that you try to play a movie or music from your DVD/CD-ROM drive.

If for some reason that solution did not resolve your particular situation, you will have to firstly review your registry to verify that you have created the “key” and “REG_DWORD” correctly. If they are correct, you will unfortunately have to further review the web for other possible causes of your symptoms.

I hope that this has helped the many people who have upgraded to Windows 10 who have niggling little issues


Well that’s it folks.




The principle document I found correct and useful was:

Please note: The correct solution to this problem, was the second response with a “tick” and “Answer” above their name.

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Good morning readers,

A slightly different post for a change, and one that could be quite interesting – if you like medical things that is.

A Facebook friend recently added a post that asked if anyone could remember the “good old” Mercurochrome. It reminded me of childhood memories of my many cuts and scrapes being applied with Mercurochrome and then patched up. And no I am not that old!

For those of you who are too young to remember Mercurochrome, here is a picture of the bottle and the general result. Obviously bottle shape/size/colour will vary…

Mercurochrome bottle

Mercurochrome on skin

As you will see, any child would love to have this beautiful pinky-orange and slightly fluorescent “fix all” applied generously to their stinging, hurting (but generally very small) cuts and scrapes – as I did.

The chemical name for Mercurochrome is “Dibromohydroxymercurifluorescein”. It is a “Merbromin” an “organomercuric disodium salt compound and a fluorescein”

As I grew older, and started to study science, I became slightly concerned with mercury as a component of Mercurochrome – and started to doubt whether it was safe to apply to human skin. When I studied medical science, it seemed obvious to me that perhaps the good old Mercurochrome of old, was perhaps better left in the rubbish bin.

Oh but I was wrong.

Having just done a little bit of research, and read a paper found at:

Research Paper on Mercurochrome use in Burns

I now understand that I was not understanding Mercury as such. As many of you would know, Mercury is a liquid, it is conductive, toxic (in many forms), and in the periodic table is listed as a transition element. It is used in many different forms, and as you would probably guess, Mercury acts differently in its different forms.

Mthyl mercury, is generally considered to be the compound responsible for mercury poisoning in humans (and other organisms); Mercurochrome however, has nil methyl mercury in it and as such the risks are different.

According to the research paper,

“The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) removed it [Mercurochrome] from the “generally recognized as safe” into the “untested” classification to effectively halt its distribution in the United States in 1998 over fears of potential mercury poisoning. It is readily available in most other countries [12].”

[I wonder if other drug manufacturers, with their newer treatments, had something to do with this removal….]

Interestingly, while Australia often follows the FDA’s approach, Mercurochrome is still available in Australia. See here at for example (link may change over time)

Having read through most of the research paper above, I found it very interesting that when compared to a silver compound (Silver Sulfadiazine (SSD) 2%) commonly used to treat burns, the Mercurochrome solution (which was first used in 1919)seemed to outperform the SSD solution significantly.

What I found interesting in this paper, was that Mercurochrome reduced the infection rate of all bacteria, compared to SSD, and particularly the pseudomonas sp. as this is quite prevalent in burns victims, and can be hard to treat. While the paper doesn’t specifically mention whether the staphylococcus aureus was resistant or not, if Mercurochrome were effective in treating resistant staph, it could be a windfall for medicine. [infections are very prevalent and significant in burns victims as the skin is destroyed, and hence has no protection against infection].

I also note that SSD are “notorious for acid-base imbalance as well as organ deposition of silver”. On the other hand, this paper showed no absorption of mercury (tested in blood serum) during or after treatment of burns with Mercurochrome.

Hmmm. Food for thought with regards to treatment with the “good old” Mercurochrome.

Considering we now have very expensive and advanced medical interventions, going back to the “good old” Mercurochrome for cuts and wounds (and serious burns – as in this research paper), might actually be advantageous in medicine.

Well that is it for now.


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Australia’s Threatened Species

“Just last week, another eight plants and animals were added to Australia’s list of over 1,800 species at risk of extinction.”

“Mining, logging, land-clearing and global warming are destroying habitat, while governments turn a blind eye. But we can shine a spotlight on them this week.”

“On Thursday, all of Australia’s state and federal environment ministers gather in Melbourne for the first ever national Threatened Species Summit”

Amusingly, this is on the back of Australia’s [anti] Environment Minister Greg Hunt, approving yet another massive coal mine in a prime agricultural location in NSW to be owned by the Chinese, and recently another massive coal mine on the edge of Australia’s [at risk] Great Barrier Reef.

Australia has one of the highest rates of extinction in the world; yet we are still creating new massive mines and are reducing our capacity in clean energy relative to other developed countries in the world.

Our ecosystem is essential for life on this planet to exist. If we kill our ecosystem, we kill our environment; we then kill ourselves. Pitty our small minded Economic Rationalist Governments, who can’t think beyond money, can’t seem to see this.

Tell the Minister for Environmental Destruction Greg Hunt, to stop destroying our environment and piss off and start to take environmental issues seriously!

Please sign the petition below.

Sign Petition

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The ADAPT programme – RNSH

The ADAPT programme – Pain clinic

I started writing this on the second day of the ADAPT programme – this was over one month ago! Unfortunately I sat down for too long on the night of the second day, and caused a pretty big flare up which left me in significant pain for about 2 days. Typical.

Anyway bag to the main topic – Pain.

I was going to write this in a day to day style blog of the programme’s contents, but that became way too difficult, particulary as I was more often than not in a flare up.

I am going to start this pain blog off with a glossary, because even though I have previously noted some definitions, I will refresh them and also make notes of others.


  • Acute pain: pain that lasts the duration of an injury only. This is specifically defined as less than three (3) months.
  • Chronic pain: pain that is prolonged and continues beyond three months – it may be for months, years, or decades. It may even last for the rest of your life.
  • Pain level: I will usually comment on pain levels at some time. I will always use the (0-10) method of describing pain. 0 will imply no pain. 10 will imply the worst pain imaginable.
  • Flare Up: an increase in pain, above usual levels. This could be anywhere up to a level 10 pain. It may be debilitating, be sharp stabbing or throbbing pain. It may result in pain down a leg or arm that isn’t commonly felt, or may occur with certain movements or actions. i.e. when you walk you may get sharp shooting pain down your leg.
  • Goals: something to work towards.
  • Baseline: a level of activity initially worked out before an exercise programme, or activity time limit is applied. This is initially calculated by working out a level of activity you can manage before pain increases, then averaged and reduced by 20%. (read more about this in coming posts)
  • Threshold: the level of activity that has been calculated from the baseline and then increased over time. (read more about this in coming posts)
  • Desensitisation: a way of reducing the emotional impact (how bothersome it is – or bothersomeness) of severe pain.
  • Bothersomeness: how much the pain is bothering you. (yes this word actually exists in some dictionaries 🙂   )

The Programme

This programme is essentially about learning to live with pain. Initially we are given an introduction to chronic pain and what it is.

The main aspects of the programme are (not necessarily in this order):

  • education
  • pacing
  • thought management
  • desensitising
  • exercises: strength and flexibility
  • goals
  • problem solving
  • sleep
  • flare-up management
  • communication
  • continuing the changes

I am going to address each of these in order to try to give some insight into one of the only ways that you can use to deal with chronic pain.

I will combine each of these into groups as follows:

  • Education and pacing
  • Exercises and desensitising
  • Thought management and goals
  • Problem solving and communication
  • Flare-up management and sleep
  • sleep and continuing the changes

Last updated: 23th March 2015

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An interview with MP Christopher Pyne

Good morning readers,

I posted to my facebook page the other day, a TV interview with MP Christopher Pyne who is currently the Australian Government’s Education Minister. (posted on YouTube)

Pyne and the Liberal Party has had difficulty trying to implement the Liberal Party’s ideological policies, including obscene education policy that would see degrees rise in some instances to $100k. This would burden many of our students with debt for life, and do nothing to help Australia long term.

In the Howard years (our Prime Minister from the Liberal Party about 10 years ago) Australia was one of only two countries in the OECD that cut education funding. The other was America. I believe that all other countries in the OECD increased their funding. Now we have a new Liberal Party again cutting funding to education (along with everything else) and driving up costs to students again.

Fortunately the senate has not passed the two previous proposed bills, but the Liberal Party and Christopher Pyne haven’t given up yet.

The other day, Christopher Pyne did an interview on TV. It is the most bizarre, immature and disgraceful interview that I have ever seen by any politician.

In my opinion this person, and Government, appears to have a very limited maturity. I am embarrassed to acknowledge that these politicians are the people’s political representatives on the world stage.

What I don’t understand is how imbecile like this can EVER get elected into parliament!!! This man is a disgrace and should be sacked immediately!!!

If Pyne carried out an interview like this while representing a big company, he would be sacked immediately; yet apparently this behaviour is acceptable if you are an Australian politician on the world stage!!! What a disgrace!

It is no wonder why politics in Australia has degraded so far when we have such immature politicians in this pathetic Government!!!

This immature Government needs to be disposed of! The sooner the better.

Here is the Pyne interview that was put onto YouTube.

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne's Sky News interview

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s Sky News interview

Amusingly since then, a tongue in cheek version has also appeared on youtube. It is very clever and perhaps demonstrates more clearly the immaturity and stupidity of Christopher Pyne. It perhaps brings Pyne into the sort of context with which he should personally be viewed – that of an immature imbecile.

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne's Sky News interview - Star Wars Spoof

Immature Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s – Star Wars Spoof

That’s it for now,


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