About Pain

Have you ever had an injury but the pain just didn’t seem to go away?

Have you seen specialist after specialist, had surgery, tried physiotherapy and medications with nothing really making a long term difference? Perhaps it even made the pain worse!

Do you keep trying different things like physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy or some other treatment and find that nothing really helps?

If you can say yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you have Chronic Pain!

But what is chronic pain?

  • Does that mean that it is very bad pain?
  • Why does my pain not get better?
  • Why does it get worse from time to time?
  • Why don’t I get any relief form medications, exercise or physiotherapy?

Chronic pain is not easily treated and it doesn’t respond to medications or therapy – at least not long term!

While medications may reduce your pain slightly, they can have significant side effects, reducing your capacity to function! In some respects this may negate your benefits significantly!

While you might get short term benefits from treatment, your pain will not be resolved.

This section of my blog is specifically about chronic pain. I will talk about my journey, but mostly it will cover what chronic pain is and the only treatment that you have – management.

Use the links to the left if you would like to know more about chronic pain.

Last updated: 23th March 2015

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